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History Trivia Questions XVIII

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Catherine of Aragon - He wanted a son, but she only bore Mary. Prince Charles may have had matrimonial problems, but Henry VIII created his own church so he could divorce which wife?

       a. Catherine Parr
       b. Catherine Howard
       c. Catherine of Aragon
       d. Catherine de' Medici

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna - Santa Anna met rubber scientist Thomas Adams. He suggested sapodilla, which made lousy rubber, but great gum, so in 1871 Adams went into the gum biz.Long after overrunning the Alamo, this Mexican ended up exiled to Staten Island, where he is credited with introducing chewing gum to the US. Who is he?

       a. Sancho Panza
       b. Simon Bolivar
       c. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
       d. Che Guevara

Constantin Chernenko - He died of renal failure in 1983.Yuri Andropov was put in charge of the USSR. And dropped off. Who replaced him?

       a. Boris Yeltsin
       b. Mikhail Gorbachev
       c. Constantin Chernenko
       d. Vladimir Putin

Benjamin Disraeli - Cuban Americans, as refugees from Communism, have tended to be among the wealthiest and best educated Latinos. When told that saying, "Half the Cabinet are asses" was unparliamentary, what UK politician recanted and instead said, "Half the Cabinet are not asses"?

       a. Benjamin Disraeli
       b. John Howard
       c. Paul Martin
       d. Edward Seaga

Mayflower - The Mayflower may have been hijacked along the way by the Pilgrim minority onboard.What ship landed at Plymouth Rock rather than Virginia, in large part because their supplies were "much spent, especially our beer"?

       a. Mayflower
       b. Constitution
       c. Santa Maria
       d. Pinta

Vermont - Vermont nearly sided with the British during the Revolution, but it instead became the 14th state.What state did the Green Mountain Boys break off from New York and then declare to be an independent republic?

       a. Vermont
       b. Maine
       c. New Hampshire
       d. Connecticut

Incas - The ransom a 23-by-16 foot cell with gold, piled 9 feet high, plus a smaller room twice over with silver.Francisco Pizarro captured Atahualpa, the leader of these people, had him pay a ransom of $100 million, then killed him anyway. Whom did Atahualpa lead?

       a. Aztecs
       b. Incas
       c. Mayas
       d. Apaches

Haiti - Inspired by the French Revolution, it had launched the modern world's first successful slave rebellion.Named for the local word for "mountainous", what was the world's first black republic?

       a. Haiti
       b. Ethiopia
       c. Jamaica
       d. Ghana

Portugal - It didn't give up until 1975, when Portugal had tossed its own dictatorship. What was the last European power to leave Africa, when it finally gave independence to such colonies as Angola and Mozambique in the mid-1970s?

       a. Spain
       b. Germany
       c. Portugal
       d. France

Mark Antony - Judging from her images on coins, she was actually quite plain, but had great charisma.Blaise Pascal once speculated that if Cleopatra had not been so pretty, what Roman general might not have lost the Battle of Actium?

       a. Julius Caesar
       b. Pompey
       c. Mark Antony
       d. Ptolemy

Massachusetts - There were 16 slaves in Vermont, although it didn't become a state until 1791.In the first US census, in 1790, what was the only US state to record zero slaves?

       a. Massachusetts
       b. Vermont
       c. Rhode Island
       d. Connecticut

Olmecs - The Olmec were at their height between about 1500 and 600 BC.Known as the Rubber People, what Mexican civilization venerated the were-jaguar?

       a. Toltecs
       b. Olmecs
       c. Aztecs
       d. Mixtecs

A dead pig - Lyman Cutlar, an American farmer, shot a pig belonging to British subject Charles Griffin. The resulting Pig War arose from a gray area in the Oregon Treaty. Kaiser Wilhelm I ruled in America's favor in 1872.A minor "war" erupted in 1859 between Britain and the United States on disputed San Juan Island. What set the war off?

       a. A dead pig
       b. A sliced-off ear
       c. An unpaid tavern bill
       d. A Fenian fugitive

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