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History Trivia Questions XVII

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Shaka Zulu - In 1816, Shaka became the king of the Zulus, and dramatically expanded their territory.After his mom died in 1827, what Zulu leader banned milk, slaughtered pregnant women and killed anybody who didn't seem to be grieving enough?

       a. Shaka Zulu
       b. Jomo Kenyatta
       c. Kwame Nkrumah
       d. Nelson Mandela

Kaiser Wilhelm II - A breech birth left Wilhelm with Erb's palsy, a withered left arm and some brain damage.During World War I, Annie Oakley asked for a second shot at this man, who had volunteered in November 1889 to have her shoot out a cigar he was smoking during a performance of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Who was he?

       a. VI Lenin
       b. Kaiser Wilhelm II
       c. Adolf Hitler
       d. Benito Mussolini

Switzerland - Switzerland was named for Schwyz.What country was formed in 1291, when the forest cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden united to ward off the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf I?

       a. Switzerland
       b. Czechoslovakia
       c. Luxembourg
       d. Belgium

Dominica - The organization's Grand Dragon, ironically named Don Black, was imprisoned. Of the nine white supremacists involved, three were actually undercover ATF agents.In 1981, US agents broke up "Operation Red Dog" (aka the "Bayou of Pigs" invasion), when they caught KKK plotters (including two grand wizards) on their way to depose what country's government and create a white supremacist paradise?

       a. Equatorial Guinea
       b. Dominica
       c. Comoros
       d. France

Stripped for the jury - The legal theory seemed to be that a woman that perfect couldn't be bad, too.Phryne was a hetaira who lived in Athens in the 4th century BC. How did she get off when she was charged with murder?

       a. Stripped for the jury
       b. Murdered each jury member
       c. Slept with the king of Athens
       d. Blackmailed the judge

Nov-13 - It is also the date of the end of the Revolution of 1848 and the date of the 1918 abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm.What day marks the anniversary of the declaration of the Weimar Republic, the Beer Hall Putsch, the outbreak of Kristallnacht and the de facto fall of the Berlin Wall?

       a. Jul-13
       b. Mar-13
       c. Nov-13
       d. Jan-13

Woodrow Wilson - He also promoted DW Griffith's hate film Birth of a Nation, which played a leading role in reviving the KKK.Which president, now a liberal icon, also segregated federal government offices in Washington, DC?

       a. Woodrow Wilson
       b. Harry Truman
       c. Franklin Roosevelt
       d. Grover Cleveland

Attila the Hun - After Emperor Valentinian III denied the marriage, the Huns rampaged, attacking what is now France. Although Attila had a heap of Ostrogoths and Gaiseric's Vandals on his side, the Romans had the Visigoths, under King Theodoric.Honoria helped destroy Rome when, to get back at her little brother the emperor, she offered half the empire as a dowry if somebody would marry her. Who?

       a. Genghis Khan
       b. Attila the Hun
       c. William the Conqueror
       d. Suleyman the Magnificent

Finland - In 2004, he won the Suuret Suomalaiset TV poll as that nation's greatest Finn. He was actually descended from a Dutch family that moved to Sweden.Carl Mannerheim, a former Russian cavalry officer, saved what country from Soviet invasion in the 1940s and became its president?

       a. Ukraine
       b. Poland
       c. Finland
       d. Austria

Charles II - The 'childless' Charles II was succeeded by James II. What Merry Monarch was merry enough to have 14 kids, all illegitimate?

       a. James II
       b. Charles II
       c. Richard II
       d. Henry II

Rudy Giuliani - Oliver and Larene Johnson brought the $6 million case against their landlord.In 1999, what sitting mayor of New York City served as a juror in a civil case over a boiler and pipes?

       a. Michael Bloomberg
       b. David Dinkins
       c. Rudy Giuliani
       d. Ed Koch

Cleveland - The editor of the Cleaveland Advertiser couldn't fit the full name in his banner.Named for a man named Moses, who worked for the Connecticut Land Company, what Ohio city lost an A in its name so that it would fit better on a newspaper masthead?

       a. Youngstown
       b. Toledo
       c. Cleveland
       d. Akron

Prince of Wales - Also called Owain Glyn Dwr, he fought an unsuccessful revolt against English rule.Owen Glendower, who died in about 1416, was the last Welshman to claim what title?

       a. Pope
       b. Prince of Wales
       c. Archbishop of Canterbury
       d. World Wrestling Federation Champion

John Kennedy - JFK said, 'Ich bin ein Berliner', rather than 'Ich bin Berliner', but since he wasn't literally a Berlin citizen, he was correct.Depending on how you translate it, what president went to Berlin and apparently told the locals, "I am a jelly doughnut"?

       a. John Kennedy
       b. Ronald Reagan
       c. George W Bush
       d. Gerald Ford

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