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History Trivia Questions XVI

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Henry Hudson - In 1609, Hudson was commissioned by the Dutch East India Company to find an easterly passage to Asia.In 1610, what explorer was marooned by his crew in a bay that now bears his name?

       a. Martin Frobisher
       b. Henry Hudson
       c. Bobby Joe Biscayne
       d. Vitus Bering

Sam Adams - Sam had a leading role in the events that led up to the famous Boston Tea Party of December 16, 1773.Once best known for protesting tea prices, what Founding Father had a beer brewery that folded in 1764?

       a. Patrick Henry
       b. Sam Adams
       c. Paul Revere
       d. Adolph Coors

A code of laws - Hammurabi was the sixth king of Babylon from 1792 BC to 1750 BC.Although Hammurabi founded Babylonia, he is best known for something he supposedly received in the 18th century BC from the sun-god Shamash. What is it?

       a. A code of laws
       b. Pandora's Box
       c. The secret of fire
       d. The Ten Commandments

Turkmenistan - Turkmenistan is a Turkic state in Central Asia.In the capital of Ashgabat, a 12-meter statue of Saparmurat Niyazov, aka Turmenbashi, was built to rotate to constantly face the sun. What country was this?

       a. Turkmenistan
       b. Lithuania
       c. Latvia
       d. Estonia

Wyoming - She was 69 years old at the time.In Laramie, there is a sculpture of Louisa Swain, the first woman to vote in the first state to give women the vote. What state was this?

       a. Wyoming
       b. Montana
       c. Idaho
       d. Iowa

Vietnam - He was ousted in a fraudulent referendum vote.Deposed for good in 1955, Bao Dai was which country's last emperor?

       a. Vietnam
       b. Japan
       c. China
       d. Thailand

Bug the UN offices of six swing-vote nations on the UN Security Council - On 13 November 2003, Gun was charged only later to have the charges dropped.Katharine Gun, an English-Mandarin translator for British intelligence, blew the whistle on an illegal US plan to do something. What?

       a. Bug the UN offices of six swing-vote nations on the UN Security Council
       b. Falsify records of WMD production in Iraq
       c. Plant false stories about Iraq in the world media
       d. Jam the frequencies used by Al-Jazeera

Israel - Vanunu received an eighteen-year sentence at Shikma Prison where he spent more than eleven years of it in solitary confinement.In 1986, nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu converted to Christianity and told the world about which country's secret nuclear program?

       a. Israel
       b. India
       c. Pakistan
       d. Iraq

Spain - The Philippines is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean.The Philippines was named for Philip, who was king of what country in the 1500s?

       a. Naples
       b. Spain
       c. France
       d. Persia

Adolf Hitler - Strasser was arrested and killed, on Hitler's orders, by the Gestapo.Gregor Strasser was a socialist rather than a nationalist. Who arranged for Strasser to be killed in 1934, as part of the Night of the Long Knives?

       a. Adolf Hitler
       b. Josef Stalin
       c. Francisco Franco
       d. Harry Potter

Prescott Bush - He was the father of George H. W. Bush.In 1942, several of my companies were seized by federal government under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Even though I had dealings with Nazis, my grandson still became president. Who am I?

       a. Prescott Bush
       b. Joe Kennedy
       c. Walker Bush
       d. John Kennedy, Sr.

Spain - Horatio was shot and killed during the battle.On October 21, 1805, Horatio Nelson destroyed a French fleet off Cape Trafalgar. Where is this cape?

       a. Wales
       b. France
       c. Spain
       d. Italy

Gerald Ford - As of 2012, Ford lived longer than any other U.S. president, living to be 93 years old.This future president played center at the University of Michigan, where he was named MVP. After graduating in 1935, he turned down the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers to study law at Yale. Who?

       a. Dwight Eisenhower
       b. Gerald Ford
       c. George HW Bush
       d. John F Kennedy

Ireland - The term Fenian is still used today where its meaning has widened to include all supporters of Irish nationalism.Named for the Fianna, a band of Irish warriors of the 2nd and 3rd centuries, the Fenians were trying to free what country in the 19th century?

       a. California
       b. Ireland
       c. Texas
       d. Scotland

Great Britain - The act played a seminal role in the formation of the Kingdom of Great Britain.Which country's 1701 Act of Settlement restricts the monarchy to the "Protestant heirs" of the Electress Sophia of Hanover?

       a. Great Britain
       b. Sweden
       c. Netherlands
       d. Belgium

George IV - Tartan is a pattern that consists of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours.In 1822, Sir Walter Scott organized this monarch's visit to Scotland, the first such visit since 1650, and in the process rekindled interest in tartan kilts. Who was the monarch?

       a. George IV
       b. Edward VII
       c. Victoria
       d. William IV

Napoleon - Pius VII reigned as Pope from 14 March 1800 to 20 August 1823.After Pius VII had me excommunicated in 1809, I had him arrested. Who am I?

       a. Machiavelli
       b. Napoleon
       c. Augustus
       d. Mussolini

Played Gopher on Fred Grandy was elected to Congress in 1986 as an Iowa Republican. What did he do from 1977 to 1986?

       a. Played Gopher on "The Love Boat"
       b. Was governor of Wisconsin
       c. Served time in Folsom Prison
       d. Ran a shrimp farm

Maryland - In 1864, Maryland held a constitutional convention that resulted in the passage of a new state constitution.After an April 19, 1861 riot in this state's largest city, the Union declared martial law and arrested the state's pro-Confederacy governor and legislature. What state is this?

       a. Tennessee
       b. Maryland
       c. Kentucky
       d. Missouri

Czech Republic - Slavkov is historically known as Austerlitz.Napoleon I, Tsar Alexander I of Russia and Emperor Francis II of the Holy Roman Empire personally led troops in the Battle of the Three Emperors at Austerlitz, now called Slavkov in what present-day European country?

       a. Czech Republic
       b. Poland
       c. Slovakia
       d. Austria

Ho Chi Minh - Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese Communist leader who was prime minister and president of North Vietnam.On September 2, 1945, this man declared his country's independence, while standing beside US spies and while flying an American flag. Who was he?

       a. Ho Chi Minh
       b. Ferdinand Marcos
       c. Shah of Iran
       d. PW Botha

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