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Frankfurt - In 2011, Moscow's Mercury City Tower became Europe's tallest building.Designed by Norman Foster to be eco-friendly, as of 2010 the 60-storey Commerzbank Tower is the tallest building in the EU. Where is it?

       a. Amsterdam
       b. Zurich
       c. Frankfurt
       d. Antwerp

Jimmy Carter - The verse implies that we are all sinners, since we all lust.In the November 1976 issue of Playboy, who was referring to Matthew 5.28 when he said, "I've committed adultery in my heart many times"?

       a. Jimmy Carter
       b. Mother Teresa
       c. Hugh Hefner
       d. Bill Clinton

Boxer Rebellion - The Fists of Righteous Harmony were dedicated to removing Westerners from their 'spheres of influence' within China.In 1900, what anti-foreigner rebellion rocked China?

       a. Archer Rebellion
       b. Wrestler Rebellion
       c. Boxer Rebellion
       d. Racer Rebellion

William the Conqueror - This was on Christmas Day, 1066, in the brand-new Westminster Abbey,When England's first Norman king was crowned on Christmas Day, one of the guards accidentally set fire to the coronation hall, and the rest mistook cheers for threats and massacred the congregation. Who was this king?

       a. William the Conqueror
       b. Alfred the Confessor
       c. Richard the Lion-Hearted
       d. Arthur of Camelot

Ho Chi Minh - He was codenamed Lucius.During World War II, the US Office of Strategic Services enlisted Agent 19, despite the fact that he was a communist. Who was he?

       a. Marshall Tito
       b. Ho Chi Minh
       c. Boris Yeltsin
       d. Mao Zedong

George IV - He illegally married the Catholic Maria FitzHerbert in 1785. He was forced to marry Caroline to get his debts absolved.Despite marrying her, who hated Caroline of Brunswick so much he locked her out of his own coronation?

       a. Charles IV
       b. George IV
       c. William IV
       d. James IV

Iceland - This despite having been founded by fierce Vikings.What NATO member has no standing army, but did battle Britain in the 1976 Cod War?

       a. Iceland
       b. Switzerland
       c. Canada
       d. Ireland

Libya - Qadaffi deposed Libya's King Idris.From 1951 to 1969, what former Italian colony was ruled by King Idris I, who was deposed by a colonel who was later conveniently killed with the help of a NATO "no-fly" zone?

       a. Ethiopia
       b. Morocco
       c. Libya
       d. Albania

Howard Carter - Carter died in 1939 at age 66. There was no explicit curse engraved on the tomb. You can call this Londoner the original "tomb raider." But, far from being cursed by King Tut, he lived into his 60s. Who was he?

       a. Arthur Evans
       b. Heinrich Schliemann
       c. Howard Carter
       d. Louis Leakey

Anne of Cleves - He divorced her for being ugly, claiming they never consummated the relationship, but they remained friends for the rest of his life.Which of his wives did Henry VIII pick based on a portrait of her by Hans Holbein? (He must not have been good - Hank dropped her.)

       a. Anne of Cleves
       b. Anne Boleyn
       c. Jane Seymour
       d. Catherine Parr

Estonia - The Singing Revolution began over a TV report on pollution from phosphorous mines.In the Singing Revolution of the 1980s, what country fought communism by singing banned songs at festivals, many of which sounded a lot like Finnish?

       a. Hungary
       b. Estonia
       c. Czech Republic
       d. Poland

South Yemen - The People's Democratic Republic of Yemen was formerly Britain's Aden Protectorate and formerly the Federation of South Arabia.When the British left Aden, they left behind what became the Arab world's only avowedly Marxist state. What was it?

       a. Bahrain
       b. Syria
       c. South Yemen
       d. Iraq

They were all roughly seven feet tall - So obsessed was Frederick II with these soldiers that he bribed or kidnapped as many as he could, and hoped to breed more by mating the Grenadiers with similar people of the opposite sex.Frederick the Great of Prussia would personally recruit the Potsdam Grenadiers. What was so unusual about these troops?

       a. They were all roughly seven feet tall
       b. They were African
       c. They were homosexual
       d. They were women

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