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History Trivia Questions VII

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Bismarck - It had been Camp Hancock before that.To attract German immigrants and railroad investment, what did the Northern Pacific rename the town of Edwinton, North Dakota, in 1873?

Abraham Lincoln - Lincoln was in fact, invited as an afterthought and not the main speaker at all. Everett, by the way, was the first American with a PhD.On November 19, 1863, Edward Everett gave a 28,000-word, two-hour speech at a battlefield cemetery. Who followed up with a 271-word, two-minute address?

Hanging Gardens of Babylon - Those who believe we are in the End Days took notice, claiming the Bible says Babylon will be rebuilt and become a world economic and religious center. Oops.King Nebuchadnezzar II built this wonder for one of his wives. Saddam Hussein started rebuilding it. What is it?

Great Britain - He is also the first heir to the Jacobite claim to be born in England since James Francis Edward Stuart in 1688.If King James II hadn't been overthrown in the 1680s, and if all births, marriages and deaths had taken place exactly the way they did in fact take place, the future Prince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein would also be king of what country?

Holland's Pim Fortuyn - Volkert van der Graaf, an animal-rights nut-bar, murdered Fortuyn outside a radio station in 2002. He was gay. But, he was also from a far-right anti-immigrant party. And in 2002, he was assassinated. Who was he?

New York City - It is near Wall Street. The capitol moved to Philly and then to DC.In the 1780s ... and in 2002 ... Congress met in Federal Hall. In what city would you find Federal Hall?

Jamestown - The Plymouth Pilgrims are often confused with the Puritans, most of who came to Massachusetts Bay 10 years later, in 1630. The two colonies merged in 1691. It's extremely unlikely that the Pilgrims actually walked ashore on a rock. And we know they didn't land at Plymouth. Where did they first touch land?

Sanford Dole - The Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown in 1893 by white businessmen who wanted the US to annex the islands. When Grover Cleveland refused, they declared a republic instead.The cousin of a pineapple mogul, who deposed the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893 and became the Republic of Hawaii's only president?

Ronald Reagan - And his first, middle and last names all had six letters - 666!In 1989, a bungalow in Bel Air changed address, from 666 St. Cloud Road to 668, when which former president moved in?

Patrick Stewart - Indians invoked the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act to demand he be buried immediately, although the act wouldn't apply if he weren't Indian.Found in the State of Washington, Kennewick Man's 9200-year old features suggest that he bears a startling resemblance to what decidedly non-Aboriginal celebrity?

Christopher Columbus - Spanish geneticist Jose Antonio Lorente looked at the Seville body's DNA and concluded it was Columbus's. The Dominicans wouldn't open the coffin for testing.After he died at Valladolid in 1506, his corpse was moved back and forth from Hispanolia so often that nobody is sure whether his remains are in a Seville Cathedral or in Santo Domingo. Who is he?

Alexander Hamilton - He even married a local girl, Fanny Woodward Nisbet. What founding father, born on the West Indian island of Nevis, served as George Washington's aide-de-camp?

Vaclav Havel - Her topless role was in the film 'The Vampire from Nosferat'.In 1997, less than a year after his first wife died, who married Dagmar Veskrnova, a B-actress who was best known for playing a topless vampire?

Salamanca - During the 1400s, the Moors retreated from Spain and left behind the learning they had salvaged from the Greek world, much of which they had translated at the School of Salamanca.What city was won by Hannibal and lost by Napoleon, but is most famous for its university?

Genghis Khan - Named Temujin at birth, he was from what is now the Russian-Mongolian border but became a marked man after the death of his father when he was still a boy.Supposedly, descended from the union of a blue-gray wolf and a doe, what conqueror was reputedly born in the 1160s holding a large clot of blood?

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