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Czechoslovakia - He hoped to create a 'socialism with a human face' that combined communism and democracy. He survived long enough to be elected chair of the Federal Assembly that made Vaclav Havel president.After defying the Soviet Union, Alexander Dubcek went from being which country's party secretary to its forestry minister?

J Edgar Hoover - This led to rumors that both of them were cross-dressers, if not more. Supposedly, the Mafia had evidence of this and got him to back off.What bachelor government official had a lifelong … um … "relationship" with bachelor roommate Clyde Tolson?

Bolivia and Paraguay - In the 1930s, landlocked Bolivia tried to grab some coastal access from Paraguay. But it lost the resulting Chaco War, which killed 100,000 Bolivian soldiers and cost it even more territory.What two countries ended up shooting at each other in the Chaco War of the 1930s, after each of them issued stamps depicting the Chaco region as their own territory?

Milwaukee - Democrat Henry Meier ruled for the next 28 years, during which time the city declined.Which American city, the first to be run by a socialist, was ruled by socialist mayors for all but 12 years between 1910 and 1960?

Manhattan - It was 60 guilders worth of beads, needles, fabric and fish hooks.Which island is Peter Minuit famous for buying for only 60 guilders, albeit from a Brooklyn tribe called the Canarsee?

Denmark - He said that he was his country’s first Jew. From 1918 to 1944, Christian X was also king of Iceland.King Christian X rejected anti-Jewish legislation and reputedly wore a Star of David, even though the Nazis were occupying what country of his?

Guadeloupe - Many considered it more valuable, with its rich sugar and coffee crops.In the 1760s, many British proposed trading Canada back to France in exchange for what French possession?

Canada - Efisga combined the first letters of England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Aboriginal lands. Tuponia was an acrostic for the United Provinces of North America.Acadia, Albertsland, Albionora, Borealia, Britannia, Cabotia, Colonia, Efisga, Hochelaga, Laurentia, New Britain, Norland, Superior, Transatlantia, Tuponia, Ursalia and Victorialand were among the names considered for what country?

Persian Gulf - From 1405 to 1433, Admiral Zheng He (also called Cheng Ho) went on seven voyages. The first mission alone involved 62 ships and 27,800 men.In the early 1400s, a Muslim named Cheng Ho took a Chinese fleet of 63 ships west. How far did he get?

Operation Sea Lion - The Nazis wanted Oswald Mosley to run things from Blenheim Palace, Winston Churchill's ancestral home, probably with Edward VIII back on the throne.With France down, Hitler wanted to knock out Britain and then turn around to fight the Soviets. What was the planned invasion of Britain codenamed?

Hannibal - At the 216 BCE battle, Hannibal lost only 6,000 of his own men, a disaster caused in part by the chaos of the daily alternating command of Rome's two consuls.Who loved it when a plan came together, like when he massacred 50,000 Roman soldiers in a single afternoon at Cannae?

John Dillinger - It was a gangster flick starring Clark Gable and William Powell.After seeing a bad 1934 movie with the Lady in Red, called Manhattan Melodrama, whose night got worse when he was shot dead by the FBI outside Chicago's Biograph Theatre?

Rasputin - 'Rasputin' means 'debauched one' in a Siberian language. Yusupov used his beautiful, rich wife to bait Rasputin, an event so promising the normally filthy mystic even bathed.The subject of a Boney M song, who was poisoned, shot and, for good measure, drowned, by Prince Felix Yusupov and his buddies?

Vermont - But after Ethan Allen was overthrown, it became the first state to join the Union after the original 13.What Green Mountain state became the independent republic of New Connecticut for a few months in 1777?

Andrew Johnson - He also reputedly showed up drunk at his own inauguration.A tailor by trade, what minimally educated person was the only president other than Bill Clinton to be impeached?

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