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History Trivia Questions IX

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Macedonia - The Greeks are really unhappy because the name of Macedonia implies that Macedonian-born Alexander the Great was not Greek after all. What "Former Yugoslav Republic" became independent in the 1990s, under a name that drives the Greeks absolutely bonkers?

Japan - He was born Martti Turunen in Finland.Finnish-born Marutei Tsurunen became the first white member of the Diet, the legislature of which country?

Dracula - Vlad the Impaler was Son of the Dragon because of a secret society his father belonged to.As Prince of Walachia, Vlad II called himself Son of the Dragon. What does this translate to in Romanian?

Arthur Conan Doyle - He was a neighbor of Charles Dawson's, who 'discovered' Piiltdown Man, and was supposedly retaliating for science's attacks on spiritualism and for his embarrassment over the fairy-photo affair.Elementary, my dear trivia players. What spiritualist is said to have not only staged the Piltdown Man hoax, but to have written about it obliquely in a book called "The Lost World"?

Minnesota - Swedish American farmer Olof Ohman said he found it in 1898 while clearing trees and stumps. It immediately became a source of pride for the state's large Scandinavian immigrant population. Football fans will know this. Thanks to a fake called the Kensington Runestone, many people believe that Vikings reached what present-day state?

George II - It was part of the War of Austrian Succession, which England was pulled into because it was fighting Spain over the War of Jenkins Ear.The last English king to personally lead his men into battle did so at the Battle of Dettingen in Bavaria, back in 1743. Who was he?

Howard Dean - To be fair, this Vermont governor was unaware that his unidirectional microphone was filtering out the crowd noises.What Vermonter's infamous "I have a scream" concession speech after the Iowa caucuses probably cost him his party's presidential nomination?

John F Kennedy - He was scheduled to address the annual meeting of the Dallas Citizens Council at the Trade Mart.Had he not been assassinated, who had planned to speak at the new Trade Mart, get an autographed football and enjoy a steak banquet in Austin?

Vikings - Normandy went on to conquer England, and did not return to France for centuries.The French region of Normandy is named for the Normans. Who were they?

Romania - Carol, by the way, was reputedly freakishly well endowed ... and had a sex appetite to match.In the 20th century, King Carol II managed to lose his throne ... twice ... because of his affair with Magda Lupescu. Where was this?

Central African Republic - The coronation ceremony consumed a third of the national economy. He was booted from office a few years later.Once a colony called Ubangi-Shari, what country was turned into an "empire" by the insane Colonel Jean-Bedel Bokassa in 1977?

Franklin D. Roosevelt - In Miami, the bricklayer instead shot and killed Chicago mayor Anton Cermak, for which he was executed.Giuseppe Zangara was a short little guy who had to stand on a wobbly chair to get a shot, over the crowd, at whom, back in 1933, only to miss?

(London)Derry - The British government apologized in 2010, after the release of the Saville report.On Bloody Sunday in 1972, British paratroopers murdered 13 Irish Catholics who were demanding civil rights. Where did this happen?

USSR - It had invaded Finland. By this time, some Latin American countries were pulling out and both Germany and Japan quit in 1933.In 1939, what became the only country expelled from the League of Nations for aggression?

William Wallace - William Wallace did regain Scotland's freedom after the Battle of Stirling in 1297, but was eventually betrayed, captured and executed.Despite what you saw in "Braveheart", he didn't paint his face blue, didn't moon the British before the battle of Stirling Bridge, and didn't even wear a kilt. Who was he?

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