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History Trivia Questions #32

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China - Qin is sometimes referred to as 'The First Emperor'.The great conqueror Qin Shi Huang was the ruler of which nation from 247 - 220 BC?

a. Nepal
b. India
c. Japan
d. China

Hungary - Hungary signed the Tripartite Pact in November of 1940.Which of the following countries was considered an Axis country during World War II?

a. France
b. Poland
c. Ukraine
d. Hungary

Cyrus the Great - Cyrus was the ruler of Persia from about 559 to 530 BC.Known as the "King of Kings of Persia," who was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire?

a. Richard the Lionhearted
b. Catherine the Great
c. Alexander
d. Cyrus the Great

Fish - It consisted of a paste made from the skin and bones of a fish.In approximately 1750, the first glue patent was issued in Britain. What was the glue made from?

a. Horses
b. Rubber
c. Pasta paste
d. Fish

Plato  - Plato was a student of Socrates.Who taught the great Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle?

a. Epicurus
b. Socrates
c. Diodotus
d. Plato

1953 - Elizabeth II  celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.Head of the Commonwealth and Supreme Governor of the Church of England, in what year was Elizabeth II's coronation?

a. 1953
b. 1943
c. 1973
d. 1963

Nero - Nero was Claudius' great nephew.Whom did Roman emperor Claudius adopt to be his heir?

a. Octavius
b. Mark Anthony
c. Augustus
d. Nero

Limestone - The face of the Sphinx is believed by most historians to represent the face of the Pharaoh Khafra.The largest monolith statue in the world, what is the Great Sphinx of Giza made of?

a. Shale
b. Claystone
c. Sandstone
d. Limestone

Romulus - Romulus and his brother Remus were said to have been raised by wolves.According to the myth, who founded Rome?

a. Alexander
b. Caesar
c. Rhea
d. Romulus

Radium - Curie was born in Warsaw, Poland.The first woman to win a Nobel Prize, Marie Curie discovered two elements, Polonium and which other?

a. Radon
b. Radium
c. Indium
d. Tellurium

Caligula - Caligula's real name was Gaius.Whose name translates to mean "Little Boots"?

a. Socrates
b. Augustus
c. Octavos
d. Caligula

1937 - Thirty-six people lost their lives in the disaster.Marking the end of the airship era, in what year did the Hindenburg disaster take place?

a. 1927
b. 1937
c. 1917
d. 1947

Ptolemy XII - Ptolemy XII ruled from 55 to 51 BC.Who was Cleopatra's father?

a. Amenhotep
b. Ptolemy XII
c. Arsinoe
d. Thutmose

Feta - Feta is made from goat's milk.Which of these cheeses dates back to ancient times?

a. Feta
b. Cheddar
c. Swiss
d. Gouda

China - The Chinese inventor Zhang Heng invented the seismograph in 130 AD.Which nation invented the first seismograph?

a. Brazil
b. China
c. Rome
d. India

Roman - The first shopping mall was built by Emperor Trajan. It had about 150 shops.Which culture is credited with building the first shopping mall?

a. Incan
b. Macedonian
c. Roman
d. Byzantine

Sultan Ibrahim I - Sultan Ibrahim I had his harem drowned in the Bosphorus River.Regarded by some historians as a fable, which ruler had his entire harem drowned?

a. Sultan Ibrahim I
b. Caligula
c. Peter the Great
d. Ptolemy III

The Aztecs - The city was located in Mexico, on an island in Lake Texcoco.Who would have lived in the ancient city Tenochitlan?

a. The Incas
b. The Persians
c. The Byzantines
d. The Aztecs

Pope Pius II - The novel was written by Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini, in 1444, before he became Pope Pius II.Who wrote a popular erotic book "The Tale of Two Lovers"?

a. Pope Pius II
b. Abraham Lincoln
c. Plato
d. Catherine the Great

Seppuku - Bugei is a word that means martial combat.What was the name of the ritual suicide committed by Samurai Warriors?

a. Seppuku
b. Oshiro
c. Eta
d. Bugei

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