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History Trivia Questions E28

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776 BC - It is believed that the games are much older, but this was the first recording of the event.When were the first recorded Olympic Games?

a. 200 BC
b. 776 BC
c. 223 AD
d. 110 AD

753 BC - Rome is located in Italy.When was Rome founded (traditional date)?

a. 873 BC
b. 321 BC
c. 753 BC
d. 1050 BC

War of 1812 - Laura Secord was said to have walked twenty miles to inform the Canadians of an impending attack.The historic figure Laura Secord is associated with which war?

a. War of 1812
b. Crimean War
c. WWI
d. American Civil War

1325 - Tenochtitlan became the capital of the Mexican Empire.When did the Aztecs found Tenochtitlan?

a. 1325
b. 1568
c. 200 BC
d. 10 AD

John Wycliffe - John Vulgate translated the Vulgate into vernacular English.In 1381, who is credited with translating the Bible into English?

a. Kings James
b. Pope Gregory
c. Pope Martin V
d. John Wycliffe

Charles VII - Charles VII was also known as Charles the Victorious.Who sent Joan of Arc to the siege of Orleans?

a. Francis
b. Phillip III
c. Charles VII
d. Louis I

Edward VI Tudor - Edward was the only son of Henry the Eighth and Jane Seymour.Who became the ruler of England after the death of Henry the Eighth?

a. Mary
b. Edward VI Tudor
c. Jane Grey
d. Elizabeth

870 - The Viking had discovered Ireland about 800.Approximately, when did the Vikings discover Iceland?

a. 1210
b. 1351
c. 110
d. 870

Battle of Stoke - The battle occurred in 1487.What was the name of the battle that ended the War of the Roses?

a. Battle of Stirling Bridge
b. Battle of Yamen
c. Battle of Crecy
d. Battle of Stoke

1347 - The Black Death killed almost half of the population.When did the Black Death first decimate Europe?

a. 1347
b. 254
c. 876
d. 1011

Spain - The battle involved more than 40 canons. It is considered the first battle won by gunpowder and small arms.In 1503, which nation defeated France at the Battle of Cerignola?

a. England
b. Portugal
c. Ottoman Empire
d. Spain

410 - Alaric also conquered Argos and Sparta.When was Rome attacked by Alaric King of the Visigoths?

a. 410
b. 1386
c. 1287
d. 1103

Magellan - Magellan did not complete the voyage. He was killed in the Philippines.Who was the first to circle the earth (1519-1522)?

a. Magellan
b. Cabot
c. Columbus
d. Cook

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius - Pliny was an eyewitness to the eruption, which happened on the 24th of August 79 AD.What did Pliny the Younger witness in 79 AD?

a. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius
b. The defeat of the Spanish Armada
c. The fall of Alexandria
d. The death of Caesar

Russia - This alliance was against Spain.The Triple Alliance was signed in 1717. Which of these nations did not sign?

a. Netherlands
b. Britain
c. France
d. Russia

Frederick the Great - Frederick II reigned until 1786.Who became the leader of Russia in 1740?

a. Catherine the Great
b. Ivan the Terrible
c. Peter the Great
d. Frederick the Great

1755 - The quake was one of the deadliest in history.When did the Lisbon Earthquake occur?

a. 1543
b. 987
c. 1755
d. 1321

Iran - The dynasty was lead by Karim Khan Zand.In which nation was the Zand Dynasty formed in 1760?

a. Iran
b. Mexico
c. India
d. Kenya

1851 - Jules Verne is known for writing Journey to the Center of the Earth and Around the World in Eighty-Eight Days.When was author Jules Verne first published?

a. 1851
b. 1902
c. 1765
d. 1653

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