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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Quiz

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Philosopher's - Philosopher's was changed to Sorcerer's in the US version. The actors even had to say both for the movies. The US are the only movies where they say Sorcerer's.In the USA, which word was changed to Sorcerer's in the title?

a. Philosopher's
b. Blood
c. Magician's
d. Wizard's

A Troll - Professor Quirrell let a troll into Hogwarts to distract the students and professors so he could sneak off to the 3rd floor corridor to try to get the sorcerer's stone!What creature was let into Hogwarts by Professor Quirrell?

a. A Dragon
b. A Troll
c. A Goblin
d. A Unicorn

Rubeus Hagrid - Harry's first letter came from Hagrid when he visited the island that they were Who gave Harry his first Hogwarts letter? (The first one he actually read)

a. Ron Weasley
b. Rubeus Hagrid
c. Vernon Dursley
d. Albus Dumbledore

A cat - In the movie, we first see Professor McGonagall in her cat form! She changed into her regular human form to speak to Dumbledore!What did Professor McGonagall frequently turn into?

a. A bear
b. A cat
c. A Dog
d. A lion

Peeves - Peeves was the only character from the books that was not mentioned or shown in any of the movies.Which book character did not appear in the movie?

a. Ron Weasley
b. Peeves
c. Madame Hooch
d. Susan Bones

Lily and James - Harry's middle name is also James! He also is said to look just like his father, except for his eyes. He has his mother's eyes.What were the names of Harry's parents?

a. Lily and James
b. Lily and Harry
c. Lily and John
d. Joan and Michael

Oliver Wood - Harry was chosen to play on the quidditch team during his first year, but he was not the captain.Who was the Gryffindor quidditch captain during Harry's first year?

a. Oliver Wood
b. Rubeus Hagrid
c. Harry
d. Percy Weasley

His enemy - Draco Malfoy was Harry's enemy. He made it clear during their first meeting that he had no desire to associate with anyone that wasn't a pureblood.What is Draco Malfoy to Harry?

a. His best friend
b. His stepbrother
c. An acquaintance
d. His enemy

Snape - Snape seemed to always dislike Harry! As much as Quirrell hated Harry, he didn't show it until the end of the novel/movie.Which professor seemed to hate Harry from the beginning?

a. Snape
b. McGonagall
c. Quirrell
d. Dumbledore

Nearly Headless Nick - Nearly Headless Nick or Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington was sorted into Gryffindor in the 1500s, and he came back to Hogwarts as a ghost.Which ghost was a member of the Gryffindor family?

a. Peeves
b. Casper
c. Nearly Headless Nick
d. Moaning Myrtle

Three - Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design and Best Original Score.How many Academy Award nominations did the film receive?

a. Three
b. One
c. Four
d. Two

Rubeus Hagrid - Lord Voldemort killed Harry's parents, but failed to kill Harry.On his 11th birthday, Harry finds out from a mysterious stranger that he is a wizard. What was the stranger's name?

a. Rubeus Hagrid
b. Lord Voldemort
c. Filius Flitwick
d. Vernon Dursley

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