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Anne Frank - Having died within a concentration camp, Anne was buried in a mass grave. The exact whereabouts are unknown.In 1940, 10-year-old Juanita Wagner of Danville, Iowa, drew the name of her new pen pal as part of a class project. Who was that pen pal?

a. Yoko Ono
b. Anne Frank
c. Germaine Greer
d. Margaret Thatcher

Spilled salt - Leonardo's The Last Supper depicts Judas having knocked over the salt container.This is supposed to bring bad luck. And supposedly, people have thought so, ever since this appeared in Leonard da Vinci's "The Last Supper". What is it?

a. Crossed forks
b. Spilled salt
c. Broken mirror
d. Black cat

Ronald McDonald - Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns.I suffer from severe coulrophobia. Like, totally. So I freak out when I see this person. Who?

a. Captain Crunch
b. Bugs Bunny
c. Batman
d. Ronald McDonald

Eastern - Frank Borman was the Commander of Apollo 8.Originally called Pitcairn Airways, what now defunct airline was run at varying times by WWI flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker and by NASA astronaut Frank Borman?

a. Pan Am
b. Eastern
c. American
d. United

Bahamas - Poitier is the first black person to win an Academy Award for Best Actor (1963).Sidney Poitier was born in Miami but raised nearby on Cat Island. As a result, in April 1997, what country named Sidney Poitier to be its ambassador to Japan?

a. Cayman Islands
b. Jamaica
c. Bahamas
d. United States

Woodrow Wilson - In 1934, Wilson appeared on the $100,000 bill.Based on the US currency on which their portraits appeared, which of these presidents is "worth" the most?

a. Woodrow Wilson
b. William McKinley
c. James Madison
d. Grover Cleveland

My oldest son - Primogeniture is the right of the firstborn son to inherit the entire estate.I'm a strong believer in primogeniture. When I die, who gets my Lady Di ceramic plate collection?

a. The community as a whole
b. My oldest son
c. My wife
d. My church

Coca Cola - Coca Cola is sold in every country in the world except Cuba and North Korea.When trying to translate the sound of its brand using Chinese words, one of the options came out, "Bite the wax tadpole". It ended up going with "happiness in the mouth". What is it?

a. McDonald's
b. Nestle
c. Oscar Meyer
d. Coca Cola

Ajax - Ajax was a hero in the Trojan War.What strong Greek hero shares his name with a Colgate-Palmolive cleanser that is "stronger that dirt"?

a. Clorox
b. Ajax
c. Comet
d. Windex

Idiot - A dunce is an idiot who is incapable of learning.Based on the old system of ranking IQ, which of these people would be the dumbest, despite occasionally being a "savante"?

a. Idiot
b. Genius
c. Moron
d. Imbecile

Stop counterfeiting - Among its duties, the Secret Service is responsible for protecting the President.Created in 1865, what was the original mission of the Secret Service?

a. Spy on staff at embassies
b. Stop counterfeiting
c. Hunt down Confederate guerrillas
d. Protect the president from assassins

Ilium - The Ilium is a bone in the pelvis.The name of what bone is also an ancient name for Troy?

a. Coccyx
b. Malleus
c. Ilium
d. Cranium

Kiss me, I'm Mexican - Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the United States and regionally in Mexico.On March 17, you might hear, "Kiss me, I'm Irish." What would you hear on May 5?

a. Kiss me, I'm Italian
b. Kiss me, I'm Black
c. Kiss me, I'm Mexican
d. Kiss me, I'm Japanese

Melvin Belli - Melvin was a prominent American lawyer who had many celebrity clients.What "King of Torts" played a corruptor of youth in an episode of the original "Star Trek" series, and appeared in the movie "Gimme Shelter" (in which youth actually were corrupted)?

a. Gerry Spence
b. Marvin Mitchelson
c. F Lee Bailey
d. Melvin Belli

George Washington - Washington served as the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.What president named the most Supreme Court justices?

a. George Washington
b. Franklin D Roosevelt
c. Theodore Roosevelt
d. Andrew Jackson

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