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Hard Trivia Questions VII

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Ride it - The Tawleed is a breed of horse native to the Sudan. What would you do with a Tawleed?

       a. Ride it
       b. Wear it
       c. Eat it
       d. Play it

Alexander Pope - He was known as the Wicked Wasp of Twickenham.What hunchbacked Catholic poet and essayist never grew taller than 4 ft 6 in, due to a tubercular spinal infection?

       a. Evelyn Waugh
       b. Alexander Pope
       c. Graham Greene
       d. Oscar Wilde

Two - There would be 600 million Catlanders, outnumbering every country but China and India.The world's housecats rise up and form a country of their own. How many human countries will have a higher human population than the feline population of Catland?

       a. Two
       b. Ten
       c. Five
       d. Forty

John Gacy - Gacy buried many of his victims in his basement. Who counted among their victims Michael Bonnin, Samuel Todd Stapleton, Russell Nelson, Tim O' Rourke and Robert Piest?

       a. Jessie James
       b. John Gacy
       c. Ted Bundy
       d. Charles Manson

China - The local Tibetans call it Gyalthang.Zhongdian County in what country's Yunan Province renamed itself Shangri-La County in 2002?

       a. China
       b. India
       c. Japan
       d. Nepal

Pope John Paul II - He was known for his writing skills.The Jeweler's Shop was a 1988 Burt Lancaster movie based on a play written by whom?

       a. William Shakespeare
       b. Pope John Paul II
       c. Ronald Reagan
       d. Carl Sagan

William S Burroughs - Although he managed to accidentally kill Joan Vollmer above the Bounty Bar, he served a minimum of jail time for it.At a 1951 party in Mexico City, what writer decided to play William Tell with his wife, but instead of shooting a glass, fatally shot her in the head?

       a. Jack Kerouac
       b. William S Burroughs
       c. Norman Mailer
       d. Gore Vidal

The Bee Gees Sing and Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs - The album was released only in Australia.What was the name of the Bee Gees' first studio album released in November 1965?

       a. The Bee Gees Sing and Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs
       b. Cucumber Castle
       c. High Civilization
       d. Life in a Tin Can

Barbie - Ryan was also infamous for throwing swinging playboy parties at his mansion, called The Castle.After designing the Sparrow and Hawk missile systems for the US military, Raytheon's Jack Ryan went on to mold what toy for Mattel?

       a. GI Joe
       b. Slinky
       c. Barbie
       d. Hot Wheels

Sneering - Attached to the maxilla, it runs along your nose and is used to curl the lip and inflame the nostril. Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi is the muscle with the longest name. Elvis gave his quite a workout. How?

       a. Dancing
       b. Sneering
       c. Digesting
       d. Singing

Teflon - On April 6, 1938, Roy Plunkett was looking for a non-toxic cooling gas. But the experiment went awry and he was left with a waxy, slippery material. What Du Pont product has been used to describe the blame-evading qualities of Ronald Reagan and John Gotti?

       a. Borax
       b. Nylon
       c. Teflon
       d. Aspirin

Osiris - Even so, he still managed to father Horus.What Egyptian god did Isis reassemble after Set tore him apart, all except for his penis, which a fish had eaten?

       a. Osiris
       b. Odin
       c. Quetzalcoatl
       d. Maeve

Negros - This island is the third largest island in the Philippines.Which of these Islands is owned by the Philippines?

       a. Graham
       b. Bangka
       c. Negros
       d. Wrangle

Eat it - Ajiaco is a soup, which comes from Colombia.What would you do with an Ajiaco?

       a. Wear it
       b. Eat it
       c. Play it
       d. Use it

A Fine Romance - It was first broadcast on 8 November 1981 and it lasted for 26 episodes.Judi Dench appeared with her husband Michael Williams in which sitcom in the eighties?

       a. A Fine Romance
       b. As Time Goes By
       c. Fresh Fields
       d. Keeping Up Appearances

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