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Hard Trivia Questions V

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Schmaltz - It is often used in place of butter on bread. Germans make it from pork fat.Meaning "excessively sentimental", what word comes from the Yiddish word for "chicken fat"?

       a. Klutz
       b. Schmaltz
       c. Chutzpah
       d. Schmuck

Croatia - Called Spalato in Italian, the Dalmatian city is named for a shrub.Wimbledon wild card winner Goran Ivanisevic is likely the most famous person to split from Split in what country?

       a. Slovakia
       b. Romania
       c. Croatia
       d. Poland

Halston - She wore it with a small dent.Who became the world's first superstar designer after providing Jackie Kennedy with the pillbox hat she wore to the presidential inauguration?

       a. Bill Blass
       b. Yves Saint Laurent
       c. Halston
       d. Oleg Cassini

Hazelwood - Ideally, it should be cut at sunrise.As described in a Yeats poem, with what wood should a magic wand be made?

       a. Oak
       b. Yew
       c. Hazelwood
       d. Larch

Garth Brooks - Then he cheated on her with Trisha Yearwood, to whom he proposed to on stage. This country singer met his future wife when he was working as a bouncer, when he tossed her out after she threw a punch in the ladies room. Who is he?

       a. Randy Travis
       b. Vince Gill
       c. Garth Brooks
       d. Hank Williams, Jr

Geraldo Rivera - Vonnegut hated him.From 1976 to 1984, what unlikely celebrity was married to Edith Bucket "Pie" Vonnegut, daughter of Kurt?

       a. Geraldo Rivera
       b. Carrot Top
       c. Madonna
       d. Sylvester Stallone

Flying toaster - The band lost on a technicality, but the year before, Berkeley had successfully sued the makers of a Bloom County screen saver, in which Opus shot down those toasters. Jefferson Airplane sued Berkeley Systems for stealing what image from the cover of their album "30 Seconds Over Winterland"?

       a. Peace symbol
       b. Flying toaster
       c. Singing hamster
       d. Smiley face

He studied butterflies - Lolita was controversial because of its pedophile storyline. He wrote much of it while on butterfly collecting trips with his wife.Vladimir Nabokov is best known for writing Lolita, but he was also a lepidopterist. What does this mean?

       a. He studied butterflies
       b. He mixed drinks for a living
       c. He had an unusual fetish
       d. He treated foot problems

Top hat - He did take it off when he gave his inauguration speech, and left it on the chair behind him.JFK is credited with killing off this male fashion accessory when he didn't wear it at his inauguration. In fact, he wore a silk one. What is it?

       a. Top hat
       b. Bow tie
       c. Undershirt
       d. Ascot

The coded bands on its container - It contains two dioxin-containing chemicals, 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T, which were developed to spur root growth, and worked so well that some weeds grew themselves to death. Both were then turned into defoliants by the US military.What was so orange about Agent Orange?

       a. The coded bands on its container
       b. It is made from oranges
       c. The gaseous form is orange
       d. It made plants taste like oranges

Jaws - Sharks ate as many as 80 sailors.The USS Indianapolis was sunk on July 30, 1945, shortly after delivering parts of the atom bomb that would be dropped on Hiroshima. In what movie does Quint describe what happened afterward?

       a. Bridge on the River Kwai
       b. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
       c. Jaws
       d. The French Connection

Sun Yat-sen - The Chinese call Sun Yat-sen, Sun Zhongshan. What we in the West call the Mao suit is actually known in China as the Zhongshan suit, which is named for what earlier Chinese leader?

       a. Sun Yat-sen
       b. Chiang Kai-Shek
       c. Kublai Khan
       d. Ming the Merciless

A crucifix - The work was called Piss Christ, which was vandalized at the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia.What did Andres Serrano infamously photograph in a container full of urine?

       a. A Star of David
       b. A picture of Martin Luther King
       c. A crucifix
       d. A Muslim prayer scroll

Sepia - The color is now associated with old photos.What "old-timey" color gets its name from the Greek word for "cuttlefish", from which they got a brownish-black fluid?

       a. Sepia
       b. Mauve
       c. Teal
       d. Azure

Esperanto - The verb endings tell you what tense they are. Adjectives and adverbs agree with nouns and verbs, respectively.In what language do all the nouns end in the letter O (well ... all the singular nouns in the nominative case, anyway)?

       a. Esperanto
       b. Italian
       c. Swahili
       d. Russian

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