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Michigan - Due to a surveying error in the Northwest Ordnance, Ohio took the Toledo Strip on Lake Erie and Indiana took a slice so it could have Gary on Lake Michigan.After losing the "Toledo Wars" in the 1830s, what territory got an upper peninsula from Wisconsin … and statehood besides?

       a. Michigan
       b. Ohio
       c. Pennsylvania
       d. Wisconsin

Christopher - He is often depicted carrying Jesus, piggyback-style, across a river.What patron saint of travelers was ejected from the sainthood in 1969, on the technicality that he didn't actually exist?

       a. Michael
       b. Alexander
       c. Christopher
       d. Stephen

Dingo - The subsequent legal circus became complicated by Chamberlain's ice-cold demeanor and public suspicion of her Seventh Day Adventist beliefs.In August 1980, Lindy Chamberlain was camping near Ayers Rock when her baby Azaria vanished. What animal, also known as a warrigal, probably ate her baby?

       a. Crocodile
       b. Dingo
       c. Cougar
       d. Shark

French Foreign Legion - They would also wear baggy red trousers and a high-collar blue coat.Who would wear a white pillbox cap called the kepi blanc, perhaps as a "beau geste" or "good gesture"?

       a. French Foreign Legion
       b. Nurses
       c. Catholic nuns
       d. Baseball players

Match boxes - In the 1980s, the Guinness Book of World Records said Teiichi Yoshizawa was the world's top phillumenist, given his collection of more than 700,000 boxes.Other collectors put their stash in something that phillumenists collect. What?

       a. Match boxes
       b. Plastic bags
       c. Music boxes
       d. Beer bottles

Mai Tai - Its name means Trader Vic claims to have invented what drink that combines rum, orange curacao and orgeat?

       a. Planter's Punch
       b. Pina Colada
       c. Mai Tai
       d. Daiquiri

Snow - Because Eskimo languages are polysynthetic, they can have as many phrases for snow as they can create, by mixing words together.When an Umingmaktormiut Eskimo talks about kaniktshaq, qanik, anijo, kanut and nahauliq, what is he talking about? (This isn't as hard as it sounds).

       a. Polar bears
       b. Snow
       c. Televisions reruns
       d. How damn cold the weather is

Paul Gauguin - He abandoned his career and family in the 1880s to become a painter.At the urging of Camille Pissarro, who left his career as a stockbroker at the age of 35 to pursue painting full-time?

       a. Vincent Van Gogh
       b. Paul Gauguin
       c. Norman Rockwell
       d. Andy Warhol

Prometheus - Aeschylus wrote Prometheus Bound, about Zeus punishing Prometheus for giving humans fire. Prometheus Unbound is a sequel of sorts.Which mythic figure was bound by Aeschylus, but unbound by Percy Shelley?

       a. Thanatos
       b. Pandora
       c. Prometheus
       d. Sisyphus

Escheat - Governments use escheat to cheat people out of their property.What is the legal term for the process by which the government takes property not claimed when somebody dies?

       a. Escheat
       b. Estrus
       c. Escrow
       d. Escargot

Grasshopper - They are specifically permitted along with other jumping insects in Lev 11.22, although camels, mice and rabbits are specifically forbidden, along with a variety of birds you probably wouldn't want to eat anyway.Which of these animals does Leviticus 11 permit a Jew to eat?

       a. Grasshopper
       b. Rabbit
       c. Chameleon
       d. Hawk

17 - A Japanese haiku has 17 in three lines consisting of five, seven and five syllables.Count the syllables ... in a Japanese haiku … and reap the reward.

       a. 17
       b. 21
       c. 12
       d. 15

Ernest Hemingway - He hung out with a posse called the Crook Factory.What writer armed a cabin cruiser so that he could hunt Nazi subs in the Caribbean … although it may have been a ruse to get gas for fishing trips?

       a. James Jones
       b. Ernest Hemingway
       c. Norman Mailer
       d. Dashiell Hammett

Her cheeks - The cheekbones are also known as the malar bones.If, in a singles bar, somebody says to a woman, "Hey, babe ... Love those zygomatic bones", what part of her body is he appreciating?

       a. Her legs
       b. Her hips
       c. Her cheeks
       d. Her hands

Whenever somebody said In the 1970s, college students played a famous drinking game while watching "The Bob Newhart Show". When did they chug?

       a. Whenever somebody said "Hi Bob"
       b. Whenever somebody smacked their forehead
       c. Whenever Newhart stammered
       d. Whenever a celebrity cameo appeared

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