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Chester Arthur - Fairfield is practically on the border.Although he was born in Fairfield, Vermont, rumors swirled that which president was actually born in Canada?

Charles Lindbergh - Before he did this, two dirigibles also made non-stop flights, carrying 64 people between them. His main achievement in 1927 was that he flew both non-stop and alone.Who was the 81st person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, and the 67th to fly non-stop?

Sleeping platonically with naked young women - He was testing his ability to resist temptation.What were Mohandas Gandhi's brahmacharya experiments?

None - Three of his kids became monarchs, but boy-king Edward VI died childless, as did Mary and Elizabeth.Desperate for heirs, Henry VIII had six wives. But how many grandkids did he have?

Texas - The 1845 congressional resolution does bar any of the five new states from adopting slavery.What state joined the United States in 1845, but with a provision allowing it to break itself up later into five states?

Attila the Hun - Attila the Hun harassed the eastern half of the Roman Empire during the 440s, and then devastated the western half in the 450s.What Scourge of God could have conquered Europe if he hadn't died of a nosebleed on his wedding night, with a young girl named Ildiko (aka Hilda)?

Hungary - It had to replace its currency when it hit a rate of 400 quintillion pengo for every 1 forint.What country once had such horrible inflation that it printed (but never issued) a one hundred million trillion pengo note?

Louis Farrakhan - As a singer, he was known as the Charmer.In 1985, what former calypso singer launched a door-to-door health and beauty company called POWER?

Albania - He spent most of his reign drinking and playing poker before being evicted in 1939 by the Italians. Enver Hoxha formally deposed of him in 1946.President Ahmed Bey Zogu turned himself into King Zog I and ruled what country with his American-born wife?

Boston - A huge cast-iron tank of the Purity Distilling Company burst open and sent a two-storey high wave of raw black molasses down Commercial Street.On January 15, 1919, a 15-foot, 2-million-gallon tidal wave of molasses killed 21 people in what city's North End, leaving it smelling of gingerbread for decades after?

Throwing something out a window - Angry Protestant Bohemians threw two of the king's ministers from a window at Prague Castle.The Thirty Years' War began with something called the Defenestration of Prague. What is a defenestration?

Ohio - The most recent was Harding.What "Mother of Presidents" produced seven Republican presidents (or eight, depending on how you count)?

Adolf Hitler - William Patrick Hitler was stranded in the US during WWII. After the war, he changed the family name to Stuart-Houston.My half-brother Alois apparently married an Irish lass named Brigid Dowling, whom he met at a horse show in 1909. My half-nephew William Patrick served in the US Navy during the World War II. Who am I?

Great Britain - The 38-minute conflict (some say 45 minutes) was probably the shortest war ever.What country defeated Zanzibar in the shortest war in history, lasting less than an hour on the morning of August 27, 1896?

Bulgaria - He had become tsar when he was six in 1943, when his father died mysteriously on his return to Sofia after a dinner meeting with Adolf Hitler. After losing power, he lived in Alexandria with his grandfather, Italy's Victor Emanuel, and then was offered sanctuary by Franco.In 2001, Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, aka Simeon Sakskoburggotski, became prime minister of a country he once ruled as King Simeon II. Which one?

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