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Abraham Lincoln - Bell was Speaker of the House for the 23rd Congress in 1834–1835.In its only run for the White House, John Bell and the Constitutional Union Party won 600,000 popular votes and 39 electoral votes in the South. They lost anyway. To whom?

       a. George Washington
       b. Andrew Jackson
       c. Abraham Lincoln
       d. Thomas Jefferson

Cherokee - The Cherokee Nation filed a lawsuit against Wilma alleging that she embezzled tribal funds while in office.In 1985, Wilma Mankiller became the first woman to lead what Indian nation?

       a. Sioux
       b. Cherokee
       c. Iroquois
       d. Apache

Rutherford Hayes - William McKinley was the last President to have served in the Union Army during the American Civil War.During the Civil War, future president William McKinley served in the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry under the command of what other future president?

       a. Rutherford Hayes
       b. Ulysses Grant
       c. Benjamin Harrison
       d. James Garfield

Ohio - President Abraham Lincoln made Ulysses Grant lieutenant general and commander of all of the Union Armies in 1863.Ulysses Grant, Rutherford Hayes and James Garfield were three consecutive Republican presidents, all of whom were bearded Union Army generals, and all of whom were from which state?

       a. Ohio
       b. California
       c. New York
       d. Pennsylvania

Women's rights - Being a Quaker, Mott also opposed slavery.In 1848, Lucretia Mott and Frederick Douglass were among the participants in the Seneca Falls Convention, which advanced what cause?

       a. Women's rights
       b. Abolition of slavery
       c. Prohibition of alcohol
       d. World peace

John Kennedy - The phrase is sometimes also attributed to Norwegian-born American football player and coach Knute Rockne.What president's father is credited with coining the phrase, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going"?

       a. George HW Bush
       b. John Kennedy
       c. Franklin Roosevelt
       d. Benjamin Harrison

Laura Bush - According to the accident report, she was not charged in the incident.On November 6, 1963, just shy of her 17th birthday, what future First Lady ran a stop sign in Midland, Texas, and killed one of her classmates?

       a. Barbara Bush
       b. Laura Bush
       c. Lady Bird Johnson
       d. Rosalynn Carter

Cambodia - The merchant ship's crew was released in good health.On May 12, 1975, communists from which country seized 30 hostages from an American commercial vessel called the Mayaguez?

       a. Cambodia
       b. North Korea
       c. Cuba
       d. Brazil

Maryland - John Greenleaf Whittier was an American Quaker poet and an extreme advocate of the abolition of slavery in the United States.As described in a John Greenleaf Whittier poem, in what state did Barbara Fritchie defy Stonewall Jackson by flying the Stars and Stripes from a window of her home?

       a. Virginia
       b. Maryland
       c. Tennessee
       d. Pennsylvania

Sam Houston - Sam Houston is the only person to have been the governor of two different states.Who quit being governor of Tennessee so that he could live with the Cherokee, who formally adopted him as a member of their nation?

       a. Daniel Boone
       b. Andrew Jackson
       c. Sam Houston
       d. John Brown

Andrew Jackson - Jackson and Robards married after believing that Robard's husband had obtained a divorce only later to discover he had not.Which future president remarried Rachel Donelson Robards after she turned out to be already married to somebody else?

       a. George Washington
       b. Ulysses Grant
       c. Andrew Jackson
       d. Abraham Lincoln

Detroit - Brock died a few months later at the Battle of Queenston Heights. He was 43 years old.On August 16, 1812, Isaac Brock captured this city from William Hull by having the same Indians march in circles, making hundreds look like thousands. So, winning what city kept the Americans out of Canada?

       a. Buffalo
       b. Detroit
       c. Washington
       d. Boston

Andrew Jackson - Andrew was the seventh President of the United States from 1829 to 1837. Who was the only president to completely pay off the national debt and leave office with a surplus in the Treasury?

       a. Andrew Jackson
       b. George Washington
       c. Ronald Reagan
       d. Bill Clinton

Wilmington, Delaware - Minuit died during a hurricane at St. Christopher in the Caribbean in 1638.You know that Peter Minuit founded New Amsterdam in New York. But where did he found New Sweden, which eventually was seized by the Dutch?

       a. Kingston, Jamaica
       b. Halifax, Nova Scotia
       c. Wilmington, Delaware
       d. San Francisco, California

Prohibit slavery in those lands - Polk oversaw the issuance of the first postage stamps in the United States.When James Polk asked Congress for $2 million to pay Mexico for the lands it had lost in the Mexican War, Congress attached the Wilmot Proviso to the cash. What did it do?

       a. Prohibit slavery in those lands
       b. Require a peace treaty with Mexico
       c. Lay out a claim to Cuba
       d. Forbid the teaching or use of Spanish in those lands

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