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Greek Mythology

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Mount Olympus - Mount Olympus is the tallest mountain in Greece.What was the home of the Greek Gods?

Zeus - When Pandora opened the box all of the earth's miseries and evils were released.Who gave Pandora her infamous box?

heel - When Achilles was an infant his mother dipped all of him [except his heel] in a magical river to give him immortality.What was Achilles' weak spot?

Jason - Jason and the Argonauts quested for the Golden Fleece.Who led the Argonauts?

Athena - When born, Athena sprang forth fully grown from Zeus's head.The Greek Goddess of Wisdom was...?

swine - Odysseus and his crew was returning home from Troy when they came across Circe and her island.In the Odyssey, Circe turned Odysseus's men into?

the caduceus - The caduceus is the traditional symbol of physicians, a staff with wings at the top with serpents wrapped around it.The wand of Hermes is called?

Hymen - Dionysus was the god of wine.The Greek god of the wedding feast was named...?

Nemesis - Nike was the goddess of victory.The Greek goddess of vengeance was...?

Priam - The Greeks killed Priam at the end of the Trojan War and then sacked the city.The king of Troy during the Trojan War was?

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