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Grand Slam VI

General Trivia Questions - Printable General Trivia

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Lead - The atomic number of lead is 82.Pb is the chemical symbol of what?

Brooklyn Bridge - It was finished in 1886.Which famous American bridge was designed by John Roebling, but completed by his son ?

Superior - Superior is also the largest.What great lake lies the furthest north and west?

Capricorn - Capricorn runs from December 22 to January 20th.What zodiac sign is represented by a goat?

Damon Wayans - Jim Carrey played Fire Marshal Bill.What actor plays Homey the Clown on In Living Color?

Suzuki - Suzuki is headquartered in Japan.What company makes the Samurai style of SUV?

1903 - Orwell wrote books such as Animal Farm and 1984In what year was author George Orwell born?

Glad - Glad was founded in 1963.Quick Tie and Handle Tie are both names trademarked by what garbage bag company?

Raising Arizona - Raising Arizona was directed by the Cohen Brothers.Nicholas Cage plays an ex convict who kidnaps a baby in what movie?

Yellowstone - Yellowstone is home to the geyser, Old Faithful.What was the first US National Park?

Lindsey Wagner - Wagner was born in 1949.What actress played television's original bionic woman?

Roy Rogers - He was born in Cincinnati, OH in 1912.What famous TV cowboy's real name was Leonard Slye?

Alaska - The state flag of Alaska has the Big Dipper on it.Which US State has the longest coastline?

Liver - The first liver transplant occurred in 1963.The heart, lung and what other organ were involved in the first triple organ transplant?

Penny - The penny has a mass of 2.5 grams.Which US Coin are there the most of in circulation?

Texas Instruments - Texas Instruments is headquartered in Dallas, TX.What company produced the first handheld calculator?

Dana Carvey - He also played Garth on Wayne’s World.What former SNL Regular played "The Church Lady"?

1920 - The movie Major League is based on the Cleveland Indians.In what year did the Cleveland Indians win their first World Series?

22 - There are 40 total squares.How many housing property squares are on a Monopoly Board?

1977 - He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.In what year did Elvis die?

Jets - Joe Namath guaranteed itWho was the first AFL team to win the Superbowl?

Reebok - They were formed in 1892Which shoe company is named after a species of South African Antelope?

Stern - The Bow is the front of the boat.What word refers to the rear of the boat?

Garth Brooks - Garth Brooks recorded the song What country singer recorded a pop album under the alias Chris Gaines?

Ace Hardware - John Madden formerly coached the Oakland Raiders.What chain of stores is John Madden a spokesman for?

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