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Geography Trivia Questions E27

Printable Geography Trivia Quiz

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Asia - Consisting of 30 percent of Earth's land area, Asia includes China and Russia.Which of these continents is the largest?

a. Asia
b. Africa
c. South America
d. Europe

Alps - The Matterhorn is 14,692 feet high.In which mountain range would you find the Matterhorn?

a. Andes
b. Alps
c. Rockies
d. Appalachians

Mississippi - The Mississippi includes the Missouri and the Jefferson.Which of these river systems is the longest?

a. Yellow
b. Congo
c. Murray
d. Mississippi

Brazil - Brazil's official language is Portuguese.Which of these nations has the largest population?

a. Brazil
b. Peru
c. Columbia
d. Ecuador

Lake Victoria - Lake Victoria is in Africa.Which of these lakes is the largest?

a. Erie
b. Lake Victoria
c. Winnipeg
d. Malawi

Kentucky - Mammoth Cave is located in Mammoth Cave National Park. The cave is over 400 miles long. In which state would you find Mammoth Cave?

a. Colorado
b. Nevada
c. Alaska
d. Kentucky

Ecuador - This mountain is an inactive volcano. Where would you find Mount Chimborazo?

a. France
b. Russia
c. Ecuador
d. USA

Africa - The capital of this nation is Brazzaville.On which continent would you find the Republic of Congo?

a. Europe
b. South America
c. Asia
d. Africa

USA - This Cape is located in North Carolina.Where is Cape Fear?

a. Spain
b. USA
c. England
d. Scotland

Massachusetts - Cape Cod stretches out into the Atlantic.Cape Cod is a part of which state?

a. Massachusetts
b. Alaska
c. Delaware
d. Florida

Toronto - The CN Tower was completed in 1976.The CN Tower is located in which of these cities?

a. Toronto
b. Chicago
c. Regina
d. Calgary

48 miles - The Canal connects the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.How long is the Panama Canal?

a. 48 miles
b. 26 miles
c. 131 miles
d. 207 miles

A temple - This famous temple is located in Cambodia. It is the largest religious monument in the world.What is Angkor Wat?

a. A temple
b. A lake
c. A museum
d. A desert

Canada - Great Bear is located in the Northwest Territories.Where would you find Great Bear Lake?

a. Peru
b. Mexico
c. USA
d. Canada

Egypt - Cairo is the largest city in the Middle-East.Cairo is located in which country?

a. Italy
b. Egypt
c. China
d. Turkey

29 Percent - Land area consists of 148,647,000 sq km.Approximately what percentage of the Earth is land area?

a. 49 Percent
b. 39 Percent
c. 29 Percent
d. 19 Percent

Arctic - The Pacific Ocean is the largest at 155,557,000 sq km.Which of the Earth's oceans is the smallest in size?

a. Arctic
b. Southern
c. Pacific
d. Indian

Australia - Russia is the largest country in the world.Of the following countries, which is the largest in area?

a. Australia
b. Sudan
c. Argentina
d. India

14 - China is the world's most populous country.How many neighboring countries (land borders) does China have?

a. 10
b. 12
c. 8
d. 14

Bulgaria - Located in Europe, Bulgaria's capital is Sofia.Which of the following countries uses the "Lev" as its currency?

a. Brazil
b. Austria
c. Bulgaria
d. Belize

English - English is spoken by approximately 512 million.After Chinese Mandarin, what is the most spoken language in the world?

a. English
b. Spanish
c. Hindi
d. Russian

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