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Because of a rumor that their dye caused cancer - They did not actually contain the red-dye 40, but the company did not want to scare consumers. Why were red M and M's temporarily taken off the market in 1976?

Nowhere - Found in varying forms, the proverb comes from ancient Hebrew writings Where in the Bible does it say 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness'?

Newspaper editor Charles Warner - Warner and Twain wrote 'The Gilded Age', which poked fun at American society during 1877-1914 Who said 'Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it'?

'It is the duty of every good officer to obey any orders given him' - A famous American Revolutionary War patriot and the official Connecticut State HeroWhat were Nathan Hale's last words?

It comes from sheep, not cats - Obtained from strands of intestinal submucosal of sheep and widely used in surgery for suturing.What part of a cat does 'catgut' come from?

Beauty, Excellence, Bravery - Mafia is an anagram for, 'morte alla Francia Italia anelia!' - 'death to the French is Italy's cry!' What does the word 'Mafia' mean in Italian?

4 - They are Lincoln -NE, Madison -WI, Jackson -MS, Jefferson -MOHow many U.S. state capitals are named after U.S. presidents?

Aldrich Ames - He betrayed at least 30 U.S. agents, 10 of whom were later executed by the SovietsIn 1994, he became the first CIA agent arrested as a Soviet spy.

Omega - delta-[th]as in'this' - beta-[v]as in'vet' - alpha+upsilon is pronounced [av] - looks ARE deceiving! What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?

50 - To multiply by 1,000 a line is used - V=5, V=5,000, C>centum>Lat.>100 - a centurion led 100 menThe Roman Numeral 'L' stand for...?

Phineas Taylor - Barnum is one of the most colorful, well known personalities in American history.What did the 'P.T.' stand for in 'P.T. Barnum'?

Marvin Gaye - Gaye,04/02/39-04/01/84, was shot and killed by his father during an argumentWhich entertainer passed away on April Fools Day in 1984?

Montpelier, VT - As of 2000, the population was 8,035 [and I hear the skiing is awesome :o}]Which is the least populated state capital in the U.S.?

8.4 Earthquake Rocks Anchorage - Upgraded to a 9.2, it released 10 million times more energy than the atomic bomb at HiroshimaOn March 27th, 1964, what was the big news story in Alaska?

Armed robbery - She was kidnapped by, then joined, the Symbionese Liberation Army [a case of Stockholm syndrome?]What was Patty Hearst was convicted of in 1976?

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