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Rudyard Kipling - The Jungle Book was published in 1894.What British author wrote the collection of stories found in "The Jungle Book"?

Russel Slater - It was invented in 1938 as a material for insulation.Who invented Fibreglass?

Cluedo - Pratt filed the original patent application for the game on the 1st of December 1944.Anthony Pratt invented what board game in the 1940s?

Architecture - The Stirling prize is considered the most prestigious architecture award in the United Kingdom.The Stirling prize is awarded annually in the United Kingdom for which field of design?

Hero - Zeus is considered the King of the Gods.What do you call the offspring of a God and mortal in mythology?

Lincoln Continental - He was assassinated on November 22, 1963.What type of car was President Kennedy riding in when he was shot and killed in Dallas?

Nike - Nike was originally called 'The Blue Ribbon Sports'.Name the company that had the slogan, "You don't win silver, you lose gold" during the 1996 Olympics?

Agatha Christie - Parker Pyne made an appearance in three Agatha Christie books.The character "Parker Pyne" was created by what well-known author?

Bees - Hymenoptera is one of the largest orders of insects.If you're a hymenopterist, what would you study from the following?

  1. Birds
  2. Bees
  3. Rodents
  4. Snakes

Philippines - Approximately a third of the population of the Philippines speak Tagalog as a first language.The natives of this country speak "Tagalog"?

Aspirin - Aspirin is one of the most widely used medications in the world.The world's first synthetic drug was first isolated by Felix Hoffmann in 1897. Name it.

Wyatt Earp - Wyatt Earp is probably best-known for the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.What well-known western frontier law enforcement officer's middle names were Berry Stapp?

Pachisi - The game was played as early as 500 AD.Parcheesi is a brand name American adaptation of what Indian game?

Elmer J Fudd - Elmer made his first appearance as Egghead in the 1937 cartoon Egghead Rides Again.Which Looney Tunes cartoon character was originally called egghead?

Irene - Pax is depicted in art with olive branches and a scepter.In Roman mythology the Roman god of peace is Pax. Who is the Greek equivalent?

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