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General Knowledge Trivia Questions XXVII

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James Madison - Madison was apprehended on the 17th of July 2007.Which bank robber was dubbed the "Mad Hatter"?

       a. Frank Nash
       b. Alvin Karpis
       c. James Madison
       d. Henry Starr

A Caucus Race - The race is supposed to help the animals get dry.What kind of race is featured in the story of Alice in Wonderland?

       a. A Relay Race
       b. A Caucus Race
       c. A steeplechase
       d. A footrace

Scotland - Lassie is one of the most famous Collies.Which country is home to the Collie?

       a. Scotland
       b. Germany
       c. Spain
       d. Mexico

MAD - Alfred is missing a tooth, has protruding ears and freckles. On which magazine would you see a picture of Alfred E. Newman?

       a. MAD
       b. TIME
       c. LIFE
       d. Reader's Digest

Stephen Crane - The novel is set during the American Civil War.Who wrote The Red Badge of Courage?

       a. George Orwell
       b. Charlotte Bronte
       c. Stephen Crane
       d. Mark Twain

France - The novel is about the struggle of a young man trying to join the musketeers.In which country does the story The Three Musketeers take place?

       a. Germany
       b. France
       c. Holland
       d. The United States

Alexander Litvinenko - Alexander was the target of an assassination. Nobody was ever charged.Which of these people died of acute radiation syndrome?

       a. Alexander Litvinenko
       b. Ho Chi Min
       c. Mikhail Gorbachev
       d. Vladimir Putnim

Chameleon - Rango falls out of his owner's vehicle and is left in the desert.What kind of creature was Rango?

       a. Salamander
       b. Chameleon
       c. Toad
       d. Gila monster

Peter Paul Rubens - Reuben was a Baroque painter. He died in 1640.Which famous painter created The Hippopotamus and Crocodile Hunt?

       a. Peter Paul Rubens
       b. Edouard Monet
       c. Camille Pissarro
       d. El Greco

Judy - The son's name was Elroy.What is the name of the daughter in the cartoon The Jetsons?

       a. Susan
       b. Cindi
       c. Judy
       d. Beth

The Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean - The canal opened in 1914.The Panama Canal links which two bodies of water?

       a. The Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean
       b. The Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea
       c. The Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean
       d. The Red Sea and the Pacific Ocean

Indian - This island is off the coast of Africa.Madagascar is an Island in which ocean?

       a. Atlantic
       b. Indian
       c. Pacific
       d. Antarctica

Iceland - The volcano erupted in 2010 resulting in a disruption of air traffic all across Europe.Where is the Eyjafjallajokull volcano located?

       a. Iceland
       b. Sweden
       c. Russia
       d. Japan

Stanley Mark Rifkin - Rifkin was caught fencing 8.6 kilograms of diamonds.Which criminal was caught fencing diamonds?

       a. Frank James
       b. Vernon Miller
       c. Stanley Mark Rifkin
       d. Adam Worth

Sean Connery - Sean was born on the 25th of August 1930.Which actor was born in Edinburgh, Scotland?

       a. Sean Connery
       b. Mel Gibson
       c. Michael Caine
       d. Keanu Reeves

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