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General Knowledge Trivia Questions XXIII

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Darryl Kile - Darryl died in his sleep of a heart attack. The next day the game against Chicago was cancelled. Which MLB St. Louis Cardinal player died the night before a game against the Cubs?

       a. Darryl Kile
       b. Albert Pujols
       c. Joe Giradi
       d. John Tudor

Phoenix - Allison Dubois is played by Patricia Arquette. This show aired in 2005.Allison Dubois, "psychic" mom, unofficially works for which D.A.'s office?

       a. Los Angeles
       b. Phoenix
       c. Houston
       d. Reno

St. Helena - Napoleon's physician did an autopsy, which found the cause of death to be stomach cancer.On what island did Napoleon take his last breath?

       a. Marquesas
       b. St. Helena
       c. Hawaii
       d. Greenland

Dr. Who - As of 2012, the Doctor has been played by eleven actors.The planet of Gallifrey is home to what fictional character?

       a. Superman
       b. Thor
       c. Dr. Who
       d. Spock

Kentucky - Fort Knox is located south of Louisville and north of Elizabethtown. The US Army post of Fort Knox is situated in which state?

       a. Montana
       b. Kentucky
       c. Washington
       d. New York

A duck's quack - Salford University put a duck in a reverberation chamber to prove that quacks do echo.Lists of trivial "facts" inevitably include the myth that a certain animal sound does not echo. Which one?

       a. A lion's roar
       b. A duck's quack
       c. A wolf's howl
       d. Joan Rivers' snivel

Hanoi Hilton - It was a POW camp.John McCain was one of the many Americans who involuntarily spent time at Hoa Lo, to which they gave what nickname?

       a. Shanghai Sheraton
       b. Halifax Hyatt
       c. Hanoi Hilton
       d. Mumbai Marriott

She's gay - Her love poetry for women helped coin the synonyms Sapphic and lesbian. Plato said that the tenth muse was Sappho, from the island of Lesbos. What would it mean if a modern Plato called Sappho Sapphic?

       a. She's a good wife and mother
       b. She's profound
       c. She's gay
       d. She's multitalented artistically

Huey Lewis - Huey Lewis had been offered Ghostbusters but passed to do Back to the Future. Both songs sound a lot like the Bar-Kay's Soul Finger.In 1984, who sued when Ray Parker Jr. ripped off his I Want a New Drug for the theme to Ghostbusters?

       a. Lionel Richie
       b. Huey Lewis
       c. George Michael
       d. Jon Bon Jovi

George HW Bush - Nevertheless, Americans didn't take his advice. A decade later, Americans were actually eating ten times more broccoli - an average of four and a half pounds every year.Who once said, "Just as Poland had a rebellion against totalitarianism, I am rebelling against broccoli and I refuse to give ground"?

       a. Margaret Thatcher
       b. John Major
       c. George HW Bush
       d. Ronald Reagan

Pearl - The organic gemstones are pearl, amber, coral, ivory, bone and jet.June is the only month with an organic birthstone, a gem measured in grains instead of carats. What is it?

       a. Amber
       b. Pearl
       c. Ivory
       d. Coral

Israel - Known for its feathery crown, the bird is also the mascot of the University of Johannesburg.Although Deuteronomy 14.18 specifically says that it isn't kosher, the hoopoe was voted what country's national bird in 2008?

       a. China
       b. Israel
       c. Malaysia
       d. Thailand

Python - Pythons kill by constricting their prey so that they can't inhale.Which snake is unusual in that it has two full lungs, a maternal instinct and, amazingly, two vestigial rear legs?

       a. Python
       b. Anaconda
       c. Cobra
       d. Garter

What'd I Say - Tom Dowd culled it down from an even longer studio performance.What record was the first million-seller for Ray Charles, despite being over 6 minutes long and despite being banned for its grunting exchanges with the Raelettes?

       a. Georgia on My Mind
       b. Hit the Road, Jack
       c. What'd I Say
       d. I've Got a Woman

His own (the Lydians) - Hercules did his 12 labors after consulting Delphi.The Oracle of Delphi supposedly told King Croesus that if he attacked, he would "destroy a great empire". Which empire did he destroy?

       a. His own (the Lydians)
       b. Persians
       c. Romans
       d. Macedonians

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