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General Knowledge Trivia Questions #95

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Foo Fighters - The Foo Fighters formed in Seattle in 1994.Formerly the drummer for the band Nirvana, Dave Grohl is the founder and frontman of which rock band?

a. Blink 182
b. The Smashing Pumpkins
c. Foo Fighters
d. Pearl Jam

Edouard Daladier - Daladier served as prime minister from April 1938 to March 1940.Who was the Prime Minister of France at the outbreak of World War II?

a. Pierre Laval
b. Edouard Daladier
c. Paul Reynaud
d. Maurice Gamelin

Star  - Red Dwarf stars are smaller than our sun.A Red Dwarf is a type of...?

a. Bear
b. Dog
c. Planet
d. Star

White - Austria's flag has three equal horizontal bands of red, white and red.Austria's flag colors consist of red and...?

a. Yellow
b. Blue
c. White
d. Gold

Kentucky - Based on population, Frankfort is the fifth smallest state capital in the United States.Established in 1786, Frankfort is the capital of which US State?

a. Washington
b. Kentucky
c. Missouri
d. Hawaii

1215 - The Magna Carta was signed by King John of England at Runnymede on June 15th 1215.Drafted in an effort to make peace between King John of England and a group of rebel barons, in what year was the Magna Carta signed?

a. 1415
b. 1615
c. 1215
d. 1015

Machu Picchu - Machu Picchu is a 15th-century Inca site located 7,970 feet above sea level.In which of these places would you find the lowest amount of oxygen?

a. Berne, Switzerland
b. Machu Picchu
c. The lowest point of Colorado
d. The top of the Statue of Liberty

The Addams Family - A total of 65 episodes were made of the Addams Family.Originally airing from 1964 to 1966, which TV sitcom featured the character of Lurch?

a. The Addams Family
b. The Jetsons
c. The Griffins
d. The Simpsons

Rubber Soul - Released in 1965, Rubber Soul was the Beatle's sixth studio album.On which Beatle's album would you find the hit song "Michelle"?

a. The White Album
b. Revolver
c. Rubber Soul
d. Sgt. Pepper

Music - Mark Ellen and David Hepworth founded Q in 1986.Published monthly in the United Kingdom, Q is a famous magazine dealing in what subject?

a. Sports
b. Film
c. Music
d. Football

5 - The flag features one large star, with four smaller stars.The flag of China contains how many golden stars?

a. 1
b. 15
c. 10
d. 5

Australia - Taking office in 2013, Abbot is the 28th Prime Minister of Australia.As of 2015, Tony Abbot is the Prime Minister of which country?

a. England
b. Canada
c. Ireland
d. Australia

Nancy Drew - Nancy Drew first appeared in the year 1930.What is the name of the teenage detective who serves River Heights?

a. Trixie Belden
b. Nancy Drew
c. Encyclopedia Brown
d. Kay Tracey

Verso - The Toyota Verso is a 7-seater family car.Which of these is the name of car made by Toyota?

a. Verso
b. Curso
c. Lerso
d. Merso

Platoon - Released in 1986, Platoon also won the Best Director Oscar for Oliver Stone.Which one of these films won the Best Picture Oscar BEFORE the others?

a. Dances with Wolves
b. Platoon
c. Gladiator
d. Titanic

Othello - Othello is believed to have been written in 1603.Which of the following Shakespearean characters was married to Desdemona?

a. Othello
b. Hamlet
c. Romeo
d. Macbeth

Japan - Primarily made of limestone, the Amami Islands have a total area of approximately 479 square miles.Where would you find the Amami Islands?

a. Malaysia
b. Japan
c. Indonesia
d. Philippines

Charlotte - Born to Chelsea Clinton.What was the name of Bill Clinton's first grandchild, born in 2014?

a. Samantha
b. Emma
c. Charlotte
d. Claire

France - Some of France's attractions include the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.  Statistically, which country draws the most tourists from around the world?

a. Britain
b. USA
c. France
d. Spain

Russell Brand - Revolution proposes a global revolution involving complete wealth redistribution and spiritualism.Which comedian published the book "Revolution" in 2014?

a. Russell Brand
b. Jonathan Ross
c. Graham Norton
d. Terry Wogan

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