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General Knowledge Trivia Questions #87

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Potato - The painting is currently housed at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.										Painted in April of 1885, complete the name of this famous Vincent Van Gogh painting - "The ??? Eaters"?

a. Corn
b. Potato
c. Meat
d. Apple

Cranium - The human skull consists of eight cranial bones.Which of the following bones is located in the highest position on the human body?

a. Cervical Vertebrae
b. Mandible
c. Frontal Zygomatic
d. Cranium

Testicle - Avocados get their name from the Aztec word ahuacatl, which also means testicle. When you eat avocados, smell orchids or testify in court, you are paying indirect homage to what body part, linked etymologically to "avocado," "orchid" and "testify"?

a. Testicle
b. Tongue
c. Eyeball
d. Earlobe

Rick Derringer - To-date, Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo is Rick's only hit as a solo artist.Recorded for his solo debut album "All American Boy" in 1973, which former member of The McCoys recorded the song "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo"?

a. Ronnie Brandon
b. Rick Derringer
c. Dennis Kelly
d. Randy Jo Hobbs

Steve Rubell opened Studio 54 - Legal problems forced Rubell out in 1980 and although there were attempts to reopen it, it became a venue for the Roundabout Theatre Company.On April 26, 1977, what happened at 254 West 54th Street in Manhattan?

a. Steve Rubell opened Studio 54
b. John Gotti shot three rivals
c. A switch blew and the city was blacked out
d. The Son of Sam was arrested

Moses - The title Stranger in a Strange Land is taken from Exodus 2.22.Before Robert Heinlein came along, the original "Stranger in a Strange Land" appeared in Exodus. Who was he?

a. Moses
b. Noah
c. Joshua
d. Adam

From Here to Eternity - From Here to Eternity stars Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift and Frank Sinatra.Based on a novel by James Jones, which 1953 drama film won eight Academy Awards out of 13 nominations, including one for Best Picture?

a. Stalag 17
b. Roman Holiday
c. Shane
d. From Here to Eternity

Agamemnon - Clytemnestra is helped by her lover Aegisthus. Agamemnon's children, Electra and Orestes, avenged the killing. Although in the 2004 movie, he's killed by a Trojan priestess, in Greek myth, he's axed twice in the head in his bath by Clytemnestra. Who is he?

a. Priam
b. Achilles
c. Agamemnon
d. Paris

Siberian tiger - The gray wolf is the largest of the canine species.Also known as the Amur tiger, what tiger is the biggest of the big cats?

a. Siberian tiger
b. Sumatran tiger
c. Bali tiger
d. Bengal tiger

Revenge - As of 2014, Revenge is one of ABC's highest-rated series.Making its debut in September of 2011, which TV series is a new take on Alexandre Dumas' classic tale "The Count of Monte Cristo" as told from a female's viewpoint?

a. Necessary Roughness
b. Once Upon a Time
c. Nashville
d. Revenge

Radioactivity - The curie is named after Marie and Pierre Curie.One curie equals 3.7 x 10-10 becquerels. What do the curie and the becquerel measure?

a. Electrical resistance
b. Atomic number
c. Electromagnetic spectrum location
d. Radioactivity

Dartmouth - It was founded by Eleazar Wheelock, a Puritan minister from Columbia, Connecticut.Which Ivy League school started out as a New Hampshire log cabin dedicated to the education of Indians?

a. Brown
b. Yale
c. Cornell
d. Dartmouth

It passes - Bills are generally considered through a number of readings before being passed.Congress passes a bill to make it illegal to ruin the endings of movies. It sits on the president's desk for 10 days (excluding Sundays) and he has neither signed it nor vetoed it. What happens?

a. It fails
b. It passes
c. It goes to the vice-president
d. It goes back to Congress

Neon - The Neon was manufactured from 1994 to 2005.What Chrysler/Dodge car named for a gas was considered a "Japanese car killer" when it was introduced in 1994?

a. Aries
b. Neon
c. Stratus
d. Omni

Abortion - Bernard died of cancer on February 21, 2011 at the age of 84Bernard Nathanson helped found NARAL in 1969, but also made the 1984 movie "The Silent Scream," thereby switching sides on what controversial issue?

a. Nuclear disarmament
b. Affirmative action
c. Abortion
d. Ecology

Oxygen - The human body consists of approximately 65 percent oxygen. Of the following elements, which is the only one to comprise more than one percent of the human body?

a. Zinc
b. Copper
c. Iron
d. Oxygen

China - The Art of War consists of 13 chapters, each of which is dedicated to one facet of warfare.Author of "The Art of War," the ancient Chinese strategist and military general "Sun Tzu" was from which nation?

a. Russia
b. Japan
c. China
d. Mongolia

12 - South America also has three major territories - the Falkland Islands, Galapagos Islands and French Guiana.Earth's fourth largest continent, South America consists of how many independent countries?

a. 12
b. 10
c. 8
d. 6

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