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General Knowledge Trivia Questions #77

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Cerebrum - With some help from the cerebellum, the cerebrum directs all voluntary actions in the body.Making up about two thirds of the human brain, what is the largest part of the brain called?

a. Pituitary
b. Sulcus
c. Cerebrum
d. Thyroid

Corn - The first maize plants only grew small, one-inch long corncobs.Cultivated by aboriginal peoples in Mesoamerica during prehistoric times, "Maize" is better known by what name in North America?

a. Parsnip
b. Carrot
c. Leek
d. Corn

Ukraine - Kiev is located on both sides of the Dnieper River.Kiev is the largest city and capital of which nation?

a. Benin
b. Ukraine
c. Scotland
d. Norway

Dogs - Fear of specific animals makes up 36 percent of all phobias. This includes the fear of snakes and spiders.Cynophobia is the fear of what?

a. Green things
b. Dogs
c. Hair
d. The dark

Brad Pitt - With good reviews from critics, Seven grossed $327 million at the box office.Released in 1995, who plays the role of homicide detective David Mills in the hit movie Seven?

a. Morgan Freeman
b. Danny Glover
c. Gerard Butler
d. Brad Pitt

The Statue of Liberty - The Statue of Liberty was designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.Which famous gift did France give to the United States in 1886?

a. The Bean (Cloud Gate)
b. The Hope Diamond
c. The Mona Lisa
d. The Statue of Liberty

4 - A parallelogram is also called a quadrilateral.How many sides does a parallelogram have?

a. 5
b. 7
c. 4
d. 3

Nickelback - Nickelback was formed in 1995 in Canada.Released in July 2001 on their album "Silver Side Up", which band recorded the hit song "How You Remind Me"?

a. Blue Oyster Cult
b. Nickelback
c. Bon Jovi
d. Tom Cochrane and Red Ryder

Circumference - To determine the circumference of a circle, you must know its diameter.What is the term for the perimeter of a circle?

a. Margin
b. Radius
c. Circumference
d. Diameter

1670 - The Man in the Iron Mask has been the subject of many different novels and films.Held for a period of 34 years, when was the "Man in the Iron Mask" first imprisoned?

a. 1534
b. 1125
c. 1750
d. 1670

Before He Cheats - Before He Cheats was recorded by Carrie Underwood in 2005.Which of the following songs was not recorded by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift?

a. Teardrops On My Guitar
b. Love Story
c. Before He Cheats
d. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

74 - After his winning streak, Ken published a book titled ' Brainiac - Adventures in the Curious, Competitive, Compulsive World of Trivia Buffs'.As of 2014, Ken Jennings currently holds the record for the longest winning streak on the U.S. game show Jeopardy! How many games in a row did Ken win before being defeated by Nancy Zerg?

a. 74
b. 84
c. 64
d. 94

Brazil - Brazil also has the most people.Which country in South America is the largest in land mass?

a. Peru
b. Argentina
c. Brazil
d. Columbia

It expands - Water freezing in pipes often causes them to burst.What happens to water when it is cooled?

a. It radiates
b. It contracts
c. It expands
d. It evaporates

Dune - Published in 1965 by Frank Herbert, Dune won the Hugo Award in 1966.The characters of Paul Atreides, Baron Vladmir Harkonner and Lady Jessica appear in which novel?

a. Dune
b. Wuthering Heights
c. Catch 22
d. The Sun Also Rises

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