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General Knowledge Trivia Questions E60

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Soccer - Diego is a midfielder for the Argentine Football Team.What sport would you associate with Diego Hernan Valeri?

a. Basketball
b. Tennis
c. Beach volleyball
d. Soccer

Antelope - The oryx is a genus of four large species of antelope.What kind of animal is an oryx?

a. Lizard
b. Bird
c. Antelope
d. Fish

John Backus - John created this language while working with IBM.Who is credited with creating the computer programming language Fortran?

a. Alexander Shulgin
b. John Backus
c. Richard Hollingshead
d. Robert Grove

Donatello - This sculpture was made in the 1400s.Who created the sculpture piece titled Bronze David?

a. Rodin
b. Donatello
c. Praxiteles
d. Michelangelo

Africa - Sua Pan is located in Botswana.Sua Pan is located on which continent?

a. Asia
b. Europe
c. Africa
d. North America

Johnny Cash - The request was refused.Whose estate was approached by an advertising company asking for permission to use the song "Ring of Fire" on an ad for a haemorrhoid cream commercial?

a. Johnny Cash
b. Tim McGraw
c. Paul McCartney
d. Roy Orbison

South China Sea - Actual ownership of these islands is still under dispute.In which Sea would you find the Parcel Islands?

a. South China Sea
b. Bering Sea
c. Red Sea
d. Black Sea

Elysium - The movie stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.Set in the year 2154, what 2013 movie features the wealthy living on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth?

a. Oblivion
b. Elysium
c. After Earth
d. World War Z

Georges Claude - Georges was the first person to combine an electrical charge to a sealed tube of neon gas.Who is credited with inventing Neon?

a. Lewis Waterman
b. Jack Kilby
c. William Reich
d. Georges Claude

The Thinker - Rodin also created the famous piece The Kiss.Which one of these famous pieces did the master sculpture artist Rodin do?

a. Pieta
b. The Discus Thrower
c. The Thinker
d. David

Hockey - Lanny scored over 500 goals during his NHL career.With which sport would you associate Lanny McDonald?

a. Soccer
b. Hockey
c. Alpine skiing
d. Bowling

France - Pompidou passed away in 1974.Georges Pompidou was the leader of which nation?

a. Chad
b. Italy
c. Mexico
d. France

Africa - The trogon can be seen in Cameroon, Congo, Uganda and Zambia.On which continent would you find a bar-tailed trogon?

a. Australia
b. South America
c. Asia
d. Africa

Enrique Pena Nieto - All of these men listed were leaders in Mexico.Who won the election in Mexico in 2012?

a. Enrique Pena Nieto
b. Carlos Salinas de Gortari
c. Miguel de la Madrid
d. Vincent Fox

Mary Elizabeth Winstead - The Thing is set in the Antarctica.Who plays the part of Kate Lloyd in the 2011 movie "The Thing"?

a. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
b. Jordana Brewster
c. Nicole de Boer
d. Salma Hayek

Koi - The national bird of Japan is the Green Pheasant.Which of these is this national fish of Japan?

a. Salmon
b. Beta
c. Red Tailed shark
d. Koi

Rembrandt - The piece was completed in 1642.Who painted the famous piece Night Watch?

a. Monet
b. Van Gogh
c. Munch
d. Rembrandt

Crocodile - The gharial or gavial is a species of crocodile that is native to India.What kind of animal is a gharial?

a. Crocodile
b. Snake
c. Bird
d. Fish

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