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General Knowledge Trivia Questions E57

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John Lone - John was born in Honk Kong in 1952.Who played the part of the adult Pu Yi in the movie "The Last Emperor"?

a. Tsou Tijger
b. Victor Wong
c. John Lone
d. Dennis Dun

Caracas - The full name of the city is Santiago de Leon de Caracas.What is the capital of Venezuela?

a. Caracas
b. Madrid
c. San Paulo
d. Lima

Billiards - Ralph was an American Pool player. He was born in 1899.Ralph Greenleaf aka the Showman played what sport?

a. Tennis
b. Soccer
c. Billiards
d. Football

George Orwell - The novel was first published in 1945.Who wrote the classic novel "Animal Farm"?

a. George Orwell
b. Ernest Hemmingway
c. Joseph Heller
d. Stephan Crane

Limpopo - The Limpopo is about 1,750 km long.Which river borders South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana?

a. Vaal
b. The Congo
c. Limpopo
d. The Nile

Insidious - Insidious was released in 2010.What movie used the tag lines "The further you travel, the darker it gets" and "What's in that picture"?

a. Insidious
b. The Deep
c. The House on the Hill
d. Jaws

Belgium - The lion is also the national animal of Luxembourg and Liberia.Which country's national animal is the lion?

a. Belgium
b. India
c. Nigeria
d. Malta

Ghana - The word Ghana means Warrior King.Which country's flag has a black star on red, yellow and green stripes?

a. Jamaica
b. Iceland
c. Ghana
d. Haiti

Elisha Otis - Elisha Otis founded the Otis Elevator Company.Who invented the brakes that are used on elevators?

a. Ivan Motorins
b. Elisha Otis
c. Samuel Morey
d. Karl Benz

The Tsar Bell - The Tsar Bell is located in Moscow.What is another name for the Kolokol III?

a. The Tsar Bell
b. The Leaning Tower
c. Tiananmen Square
d. The Tower of Babel

Lord of the Flies - Lord of the Flies was written by William Golding.In which novel would you find the characters Ralph, Piggy and Simon?

a. Gulliver's Travels
b. Watership Down
c. Animal Farm
d. Lord of the Flies

Norway - King Harald V succeeded to the throne in 1991, after the death of his father, Olav V.King Harald and Queen Sonja ruled over which nation?

a. Monaco
b. The Netherlands
c. Denmark
d. Norway

Picasso - Picasso also painted Massacre in Korea and Garcon a la Pipe.Who painted "Le Reve", "The Weeping Woman" and "The Old Guitarist"?

a. Monet
b. Rembrandt
c. Harding
d. Picasso

Frank Lloyd Wright - Frank Lloyd Wright is an American architect. Which well known architect designed Child of the Sun, Graycliff and the Imperial Hotel?

a. Frank Lloyd Wright
b. Louis Khan
c. Peter Calthorpe
d. C. W. Rapp

Hippos - A group of hippos can also be called a pod or a herd.Which of these animals might live in groups called bloats or dales?

a. Manatees
b. Emus
c. Elephants
d. Hippos

Alpine skiing - Picabo Street won a gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics.What sport did Picabo Street participate in?

a. Alpine skiing
b. Sailing
c. Bowling
d. Archery

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