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General Car Trivia Questions

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Lug nuts - Lug nuts are used to attach rims to the hub.The nuts that hold the rim onto the car are called?

       a. Wheel nuts
       b. Nuts
       c. Lug nuts
       d. Wheel Fasteners

Four wheel drive - While most modern cars do not require the driver to manually lock in the hubs, older vehicles required the driver to exit the vehicle and engage them.Lock-in hubs are used to engage?

       a. Limited slip differential
       b. Posi-trac
       c. Four wheel drive
       d. Theft protection

Steering column - While this style of shifter is no longer made, which adds to its rarity, it is highly sought after by collectors. This style of shifter was used rarely and mainly in the mid 1900s.Three on the tree refers to the shifting gear being located on what part of the vehicle?

       a. Center Console
       b. Steering column
       c. Steering wheel
       d. Floor

Mud and snow use - These tires are most often seen in areas receiving heavy snowfall or on off road vehicles. The tires use tread patterns that creates pockets by not allowing the material to escape the pockets style tread.M+S combination tires are intended for?

       a. Off roading
       b. Mud and snow use
       c. Messy and slippery situation use
       d. General use

Exhaust - Headers are connected directly to the engine block and form the start point for the exhaust system.The headers are part of which vehicle system?

       a. Exhaust
       b. Drive train
       c. Seating
       d. Wheel assembly

Spark distribution - The distributor cap has the same number of connections as the vehicle's cylinders plus one connection for the ignition coil wire.The distributor cap controls what function?

       a. Lubrication distribution
       b. Cooling distribution
       c. Spark distribution
       d. Power distribution

Two - Coupe vehicles are often the sportier version of the sedan version. Coupes generally cost more to insure, yet carry the same safety devices.Coupe vehicles have how many doors?

       a. Three
       b. Four
       c. Two
       d. One

Add down force - While this is typically seen as bad thing as vehicles are intended to be streamlined. Vehicles begin to gain lift after achieving enough speed due to too much air going under the vehicle.Spoilers are used to perform what function?

       a. Increase fuel economy
       b. Look cool
       c. Add down force
       d. Add up force

Into the engine compartment - Ram air allows the engine to perform better when increased demand is placed on it. Increased airflow allows the engine to generate more power.Ram air forces air into what part of the vehicle?

       a. Into the Cab
       b. Into the engine compartment
       c. Over the Car
       d. Into the air conditioning unit

Brightness - Halo headlights were designed and are widely less regulated in Japan. However, in the United States they have been the subject of serious debate as claims of distraction continue to come in.Halo headlights are controversial because of their?

       a. Brightness
       b. Color
       c. Shape
       d. Fragile nature

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