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Fun Facts Trivia Quiz #5

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Worked as a mechanic - The Queen worked with the Auxiliary Territorial Service.What did Queen Elizabeth do during WWI?

a. Flew planes
b. Worked with the coast guard
c. Worked as a mechanic
d. Worked as a candy striper

37 - Most were attempting to get their purchase out of the machine.How many people have died in the US while shaking vending machines since 1978?

a. 37
b. 26
c. 9
d. 52

2009 pounds - This record was set in 2012.How much did the world's largest pumpkin weigh?

a. 1866 pounds
b. 1903 pounds
c. 2009 pounds
d. 1785 pounds

2.5 packs - Mumbai used to be called Bombay.How many packs of cigarettes would you have to smoke to get the equivalent of one day of breathing in Mumbai?

a. 5 packs
b. 1 pack
c. Half a pack
d. 2.5 packs

Dr. Douglas Engelbart - Dr. Douglas Engelbart made the introduction in 1968.Who is credited with introducing the first computer mouse to the world?

a. Dr. Douglas Engelbart
b. Steve Wozniak
c. Konrad Kuse
d. Steve Jobs

Camellia Sinesis - The Camellia Sinensis plant gives us green, white and black tea.Which plant gives us tea?

a. Flax
b. Bamboo
c. Nightshade
d. Camellia Sinesis

Gears of War - This game made its debut at number seven.Which western developed Xbox video game was the first to break into the top 10 in the Japanese games chart?

a. Black Ops
b. Fall out
c. Far Cry
d. Gears of War

Turf - The turf roofs help to stabilise the house.Which of these materials is a traditional roof material in Norway?

a. Terra cotta bricks
b. Tin
c. Straw
d. Turf

6-8 months - Although many people can forgive, they normally do not forget.According to recent studies, how long does it take the average person to forgive someone who has emotionally hurt them?

a. 6-8 months
b. One year
c. Five years
d. 2-3 weeks

1968 - The word was first heard in the movie 'I'll Never Forget Whatshisname?'In what year was the F-word first used in the movies?

a. 1961
b. 1968
c. 1957
d. 1974

Tokyo - The population of Canada is just under thirty-five million.Which of these cities, and its surrounding area, has more people than the entire population of Canada?

a. Rome
b. Mexico
c. Houston
d. Tokyo

Robert - You can purchase 'haunted dolls' on eBay.What is considered the world's most haunted doll?

a. Mandy
b. Robert
c. Annabelle
d. Tina

A deck of cards - The pilots could soak the cards to reveal a map underneath.Which of these items was issued to British pilots during WWII?

a. A yoyo
b. A deck of cards
c. A slinky
d. A Frisbee

3 - The tuatara lizard is native to New Zealand.How many eyes does the tuatara lizard have?

a. 4
b. 2
c. 3
d. 0

Landlord - The character was named after Mario Segali.The character Mario was named after the Nintendo of America's what?

a. Landlord
b. Lawyer
c. Dog
d. Brother

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