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1889 - The tower was built as the entrance to The World's Fair.When was the Eifel Tower built?

a. 1856
b. 1889
c. 1923
d. 1907

Otters - Otters engage in all kinds of activities simply for fun.Which of these animals likes to make its own waterslides?

a. Beavers
b. Muskrats
c. River rats
d. Otters

Football - According to the survey, 34 percent of sports fans followed football.What did a recent survey say was America's favorite sport?

a. Baseball
b. Basketball
c. Football
d. Hockey

Henry - This enormous feline weighed thirty-five pounds.What is the name of the cat that is listed in Guinness as the World's fattest cat?

a. Henry
b. Max
c. Garfield
d. Martin

Lots of germs - A white tongue is an indicator of lots of germs.What does a white tongue indicate?

a. Your red blood cell count is down
b. Lots of germs
c. You have tonsillitis
d. You just ate rice

Cats - Basat was the Egyptian's cat-goddess.What kind of animal did the ancient Egyptians worship?

a. Peacocks
b. Snakes
c. Hippos
d. Cats

Lion - Blondie the lion died in 1968.What kind of pet did the Hip family own?

a. Crocodile
b. Elephant
c. Lion
d. Ape

Nine - There are about 55 calories in an egg yolk.What is the record for the most yolks in a single egg?

a. Seven
b. Five
c. Twelve
d. Nine

Elephants - Elephants sometimes dig a shallow grave for their dead.Other than man, what is the only mammal that has death rituals?

a. Gorillas
b. Dolphins
c. Elephants
d. Dogs

48 hours - If you want to keep your secret, do not tell anyone.According to a recent survey how long does it take before a woman revels a secret she has been told?

a. 1 hour
b. 24 hours
c. 1 week
d. 48 hours

Kentucky - This system of caves is known as Mammoth Cave.Where is the world's longest cave system?

a. Peru
b. China
c. Kentucky
d. Alaska

Pepperoni - The second most popular topping is mushrooms.What is America's favorite pizza topping?

a. Green peppers
b. Pineapple
c. Mushrooms
d. Pepperoni

122 years - Jeanne Louise Calment died at the age of 122. How long did the world's oldest person live?

a. 106 years
b. 134 years
c. 122 years
d. 112 years

4.6 billion years - The sun is actually a star.How old is the sun?

a. 1.5 billion years
b. 4.6 billion years
c. 9 billion years
d. 25.4 billion years

20 percent - The rainforest is also home to 10 percent of the world's known animal species.How much of the world's oxygen is produced by the Amazon Rainforest?

a. 20 percent
b. 10 percent
c. 35 percent
d. 50 percent

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