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Frogs - French people stereotypically eat frogs' legs.As they might know in France, what are people who are ranivorous eating?

Yemen - Mocha was once the only source of mocha coffee.Mocha coffee is named for the port of Mocha. In which country might you sail into Mocha?

Breast - Wings are white meat as well. The difference is the amount of myoglobin in the muscles.If you like white chicken meat, what should you ask for at the resturant?

Chocolate - It comes from a tree scientists call the Theobroma, literally 'food of the gods'.Which food evolved from xocoatl, an Aztec concoction that Spain kept secret for nearly a hundred years?

Leeks - Inspired by his mom's recipe, he created it in 1917 to help New Yorkers deal with the sweltering summer heat.Created by Louis Diat at New York's Walforf-Astoria, vichyssoise is a "French" soup made from potatoes and what else?

Carbon dioxide - A bacteria releases the gas, which bubbles the cheese. The bigger the holes, the greater the flavor.What forms the holes in Swiss cheese?

Potato - To julienne food is cut it into thin pieces. It's also a clear soup garnished with vegetable strips.What vegetable do you julienne to make french fries?

Gumbo - His mom is Gumba. And yes, the creator took Latin in school.Sharing a name with Gumby's dad, what Louisiana soup is made by thickening okra?

Bacardi rum - Don Facundo Bacardi y Maso was inspired by the fruit bats that lived in the tin-roofed shed where he opened his first distillery, in 1862.Which brand of hooch uses a fruit bat on its logo?

Caesar salad - The ban was overturned a year later, prompting California Libertarian Bill Winter to quip, 'When you outlaw Caesar salad, only outlaws will eat Caesar salad.'In 1997, what salad became illegal by accident in California, when the state prohibited the sale of food made with uncooked eggs?

Grits - Grits may get its name from the Italian gruzzi, for ground corn.What southern food is really just an old Indian dish called sofkee, made by grinding and boiling corn?

A pearl onion - As the story goes, Herbert Hoover popularized a martini named for Hugh Gibson, the US Ambassador to Germany.Apparently, while running food relief after WWI, Herbert Hoover had developed a taste for what martini ingredient, which replaces the olive when making a gibson?

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