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Food And Drink Trivia Quiz XV

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New Mexico - New Mexico became the first state to have an official cookie.Also called the biscochito, the bizcochito is traditionally served at Christmas with hot chocolate. And it's what state's official cookie?

       a. Florida
       b. Louisiana
       c. New Mexico
       d. Hawaii

Cassava - Cassava is an especially important part of African diets.Tapioca is made from what plant, which protects itself from predators by releasing a cyanide-like compound called linamarin from its roots?

       a. Date palm
       b. Grapefruit
       c. Cassava
       d. Chickpea

Mace - Myristica fragrans is also called the nutmeg tree and, as you might expect, is the source of the nutmeg spice, which we get from its seeds.Nutmeg comes from nutmeg seeds. But what milder spice do we get from the web-like membranes covering those same seeds?

       a. Cinnamon
       b. Clove
       c. Mace
       d. Ginger

Cabbage - That's soul food!Rich in vitamin A, collard greens are the leaves of the collard, a type of kale, which is in turn a type of what vegetable?

       a. Cabbage
       b. Lettuce
       c. Okra
       d. Corn

In a crust - To be precise, it is wrapped in pastry and baked.If brie is served "en croute", how is it served?

       a. Raw and runny
       b. In a crust
       c. Over lettuce
       d. Skewered

Ramen - In 1910, two Chinese cooks added noodles to a salty broth at Tokyo's Rairaken restaurant. It was called shina soba, or China noodles, a name that seemed pejorative after WWII. Originally imported to Japan from China, what dish's name is Japanese for "pulled noodles"?

       a. Ramen
       b. Sashimi
       c. Miso
       d. Tempura

Miso - White and red miso are the most common.What Japanese fermented-soybean paste is typically eaten in a soup of the same name?

       a. Hoisin
       b. Miso
       c. Wasabi
       d. Soy

Mortadella - It's a pork sausage with lard pieces that's very popular in BrazilBaloney is named for Bologna, but it's based on that city's true Italian sausage. What is it?

       a. Mortadella
       b. Capicola
       c. Prosciutto
       d. Sopressata

Ethiopia - Injera is also used to pick up other food, since Ethiopians traditionally don't use utensils.What country's national dishes include a pancake-like sourdough bread called injera, on top of which is served a spicy stew called wot?

       a. Thailand
       b. Brazil
       c. Ethiopia
       d. Greece

Avocado - The Hass avocado was created in California by mail carrier and amateur horticulturist Rudolph Hass.The Hass is most common variety of what fruit, also known as the alligator pear or the butter pear?

       a. Avocado
       b. Kiwi
       c. Eggplant
       d. Artichoke

Dim sum - Some translations are 'dotted heart' or 'heart's delight' or 'a bit of heart.'What selection of breakfast dumplings and pastries gets its name from the Chinese for "touch the heart"?

       a. Sashimi
       b. Dim sum
       c. Poi
       d. Chow mein

Brazil nut - When you shake a can of nuts, you create empty spaces into which smaller nuts can fall. But friction also rubs nuts against the container itself, creating a sort of convection, which pushes larger nuts to the top.In part because of convection, if you shake a bag of mixed nuts, large ones will rise to the top, a phenomenon that physicists name for what large nut?

       a. Peanut
       b. Pistachio
       c. Brazil nut
       d. Almonds

Spaghetti - The company took the easier-to-spell Chef Boyardee.Born in northern Italy in 1898, Hector Boiardi moved to Cleveland and became famous selling something. What?

       a. Wine
       b. Spaghetti
       c. Cake
       d. Chocolate

Rolling Rock - The number comes from the number of words in its quality pledge.Brewed in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, what beer has a mysterious "33" on its label?

       a. Sam Adams
       b. Pabst Blue Ribbon
       c. Rolling Rock
       d. Duff

Kir Royale - Kir is named for Canon Kir, the mayor of Dijon and a hero of the French Resistance.Kir is creme de cassis and white wine, but what do you get when you use champagne instead of wine?

       a. Kir Royale
       b. Kir Supreme
       c. Kir Ultimate
       d. Kir Deluxe

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