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Food And Drink Trivia Quiz XI

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Goose - John Madden popularized this food, believed to have been created by Cajuns.Which of these is not one of the three types of deboned fowl found in that classic Louisiana cuisine called Turducken?

       a. Goose
       b. Chicken
       c. Turkey
       d. Duck

Harvey Wallbanger - The Harvey Wallbanger was invented in 1952 by Donato 'Duke' Antone.Vodka, orange juice and Galliano. What cocktail?

       a. Vodka Sundowner
       b. Zombie
       c. Harvey Wallbanger
       d. Paralyzer

Steak - It literally means small boneless meat and it is usually from the small end of the beef tenderloin.A minion is a servile aide, and the word comes from the French word that means "mignon," meaning "darling." What food might your darling minion make if you want a filet mignon?

       a. French fries
       b. Dessert
       c. Steak
       d. Vegetable salad

Flatulence - Flatulence is largely nitrogen you swallow, which your body can't absorb. Other gases, notably methane, come from the incomplete digestion of foods rich in starch or cellulose, such as beans or cabbage.Beans cause this condition because we lack the enzymes to digest such carbohydrates as raffinose and stachyose. What condition is this?

       a. Headaches
       b. Diarrhea
       c. Flatulence
       d. Blurry vision

Steak Tartare - The Tartars brought it to Germany by 1300, and the Germans started calling it Hamburg steak, for the city of the same name.Fire? Who needs fire? Take raw hamburger, maybe a raw egg, and you can prepare what dish, named for horsemen with no time to cook?

       a. Beef Bourguignonne
       b. Steak Tartare
       c. Carpaccio
       d. Beef Stroganoff

Noodles - Chow mein is Cantonese for 'fried noodles' and it's a seasoned stew of shredded or diced meat, mushrooms and vegetables served with fried noodles.What ingredient do you add to chop suey, basically, to get chow mein?

       a. Vegetables
       b. Noodles
       c. Soup
       d. Eggs

Chocolate - It also has phenylethylamine, which produces love-like sensations.This food has phenols, which inhibit blood clotting. It's even full of magnesium and caffeine. What is this surprisingly healthy treat?

       a. Chocolate
       b. Peanut butter
       c. Strawberries
       d. French fries

Granny Smith apple - The Granny Smith is from Australia.Only three fruits are native to the continental United States. Which of these is not one of them?

       a. Cranberry
       b. Concord grape
       c. Granny Smith apple
       d. Blueberry

Gin - Dutch Gin was first used by English soldiers in the Thirty Years' War for its calming effects before battle.Consuming what spirit will give you "Dutch Courage"?

       a. Vodka
       b. Rum
       c. Gin
       d. Whiskey

Bugs Bunny - It's a traditional German stew made from marinated rabbit, braised with onions and wine in a marinade thickened with the animal's blood. Eww.What Looney Tunes character is most at risk of being turned into hasenpfeffer by Elmer Fudd?

       a. Tweety Bird
       b. Daffy Duck
       c. Bugs Bunny
       d. Porky Pig

A lumbar vertebra - It is also known as porterhouse.In the world of meat, what is the bone in a T bone?

       a. The fifth rib
       b. A lumbar vertebra
       c. The clavicle
       d. The femur

Atkins - The diet also urged a lot of fine steaks, meaty fish, expensive cheese and, of course, rum, vodka and gin.In 1964 Robert Cameron published "The Drinking Man's Diet", which permitted dieters a range of cocktails. What 21st-century diet did it most resemble?

       a. Atkins
       b. Paleolithic Diet
       c. The Zone
       d. Fruitarianism

Chocolate-covered turkey - Molli means 'sauce' in the old Aztec language. Hence, we have mole, which is a chocolate sauce. Mole poblano de guajolote is popular at Mexican celebrations, but anyone might enjoy it at Thanksgiving. What is it?

       a. Chocolate-covered turkey
       b. Popcorn dusted with Chile powder
       c. Pumpkin pie
       d. Cranberry sauce made with tequila

Kellogg's Corn Flakes - That was John H Kellogg's idea, but his brother Will Keith added the demon sugar to the Adventist recipe.What breakfast staple was invented as a way to help people dampen both their culinary and sexual appetites?

       a. Kellogg's Corn Flakes
       b. Tropicana Orange Juice
       c. Post Grape-Nuts
       d. Dannon Yogurt

Grey Poupon mustard - In the 1860s, Auguste Poupon financed the ideas of an English expat he met in Dijon.A-1 sauce is made in Oxnard, California, as is what product, normally associated with Dijon in eastern France?

       a. Grey Poupon mustard
       b. Ernest & Julio Gallo wine
       c. Brie cheese
       d. Evian water

Brandy Alexander - The Brandy Alexander is a variation of an earlier, gin-based cocktail called an 'Alexander'.Creme de Cacao, cream, and brandy. What cocktail?

       a. Brandy Alexander
       b. Amber Moon
       c. Death in the Afternoon
       d. Screwdriver

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