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Food And Drink Trivia Quiz VIII

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India - New Delhi is the capital of India.If you go to a New Delhi deli and get dhuli dal, what country are you in?

       a. India
       b. China
       c. Thailand
       d. Lebanon

Screwdriver - A screwdriver with equal parts vodka and Blue Curacao topped with lemon-lime soda is called a Sonic Screwdriver.As the story goes, what vodka-and-orange cocktail was named by oil workers for the tool they used as a swizzle stick?

       a. Black Russian
       b. Hammer
       c. Screwdriver
       d. Cosmopolitan

Southern Comfort - The original drink was called 'Cuffs and Buttons'.What peach-flavored whiskey liqueur was created by bartender MW Heron at McCauley's Tavern, just off Bourbon Street in New Orleans?

       a. Tia Maria
       b. Southern Comfort
       c. Jack Daniel's
       d. Bacardi

Cereal - Ceres was the daughter of Saturn and Ops.What breakfast food gets its name from the Roman goddess of grain and farming?

       a. Toast
       b. Bacon
       c. Cereal
       d. Hash browns

Cannoli - Cannoli consists of tube-shaped shells of fried dough, filled with a rich and creamy filling.In "The Godfather", Richard Castellano's Peter Clemenza character suggests leaving the gun, but taking what deep-fried pastry tube filled with ricotta cheese?

       a. Zabaglione
       b. Tiramisu
       c. Cannoli
       d. Calzone

Veal - Veal is the meat of young cattle.Italians slice it thinly for scallopini and saltimbocca. Germans bread it for Wiener schnitzel. What is it?

       a. Pork
       b. Chicken
       c. Veal
       d. Salmon

Empanada - The name Empanada comes from the Portuguese and Spanish verb empanar, meaning to wrap in bread.What calzone-like stuffed pastry, of probable Argentine origin, is a staple of Latin American cuisine?

       a. Gordita
       b. Chimichanga
       c. Empanada
       d. Mole

Chocolate - The first brownies to appear featured an apricot glaze and walnuts.A blondie is just like a brownie, with the exception that it is made without which ingredient?

       a. Chocolate
       b. Milk
       c. Nuts
       d. Eggs

St Louis - St. Louis hosted the World Fair to celebrate the centennial of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.What city's 1904 international exposition is credited with giving the world the hot dog, the ice cream cone, iced tea and the hamburger?

       a. Chicago
       b. Seattle
       c. St Louis
       d. Knoxville

Masai - Many Maasai tribes throughout Kenya welcome visits to their villages by foreigners.What cow-herding tribe from Kenya drink a brew of cow's blood and cow's milk?

       a. Yoruba
       b. Zulu
       c. Masai
       d. Ashanti

Iceland - Following the curing period, the shark is cut into strips and hung to dry.On what island found in the North Atlantic do the locals eat hakarl, which is shark meat that has been fermenting underground for four to five months?

       a. Baffin Island
       b. Iceland
       c. Scotland
       d. Canary Island

Blueberry - Blueberries can be cultivated, or they can be picked from wild bushes.Given the same amount, which of these fruits would add the greatest antioxidant properties to your muffin?

       a. Banana
       b. Apple
       c. Blueberry
       d. Cranberry

Chimichanga - No official records indicate when the dish first appeared or who actually invented it.What food may have been invented in 1922 in Tucson, when a local cook named Monica Flin at El Charro Cake dropped a burrito in the deep fryer?

       a. Chimichanga
       b. Chalupa
       c. Enchilada
       d. Gordita

Ice cream - The flavors listed can be found mostly in Japan.Kani aisu is flavored with crab, sanma aisu with fish, unagi aisu with eel and taco aisu with octopus. What is aisu?

       a. Ice cream
       b. Vodka
       c. Mustard
       d. Bread

Coca-Cola - Coca-Cola executives announced the return of the original formula less than three months after New Coke's introduction.In the 1980s, Seattle retiree Gay Mullins led a campaign that forced what company to bring back the original formula for its flagship product?

       a. Coca-Cola
       b. McDonald's
       c. Planters
       d. Ben and Jerry's

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