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Food And Drink Trivia Quiz VI

Food Trivia Questions - Printable Trivia

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Potato chips - It was originally called the Saratoga chip, because the Moon's Lake House resort was in Saratoga Springs. Crum, incidentally, was African American.Head chef George Crum didn't take criticism lightly. What food did he angrily invent after a customer complained his French fries were not thin enough?

       a. Potato chips
       b. Mashed potatoes
       c. Potato pancakes
       d. Baked potatoes

Cosmopolitan - It got a real boost from the show Sex and the City, in which the characters specifically asked for Grey Goose cosmos.What cocktail, made from vodka and cranberry juice and popular with women in the 1990s, shares its name with a magazine also popular with women in the 1990s?

       a. Mirabella
       b. Mademoiselle
       c. Cosmopolitan
       d. Redbook

Chocolate - Originally called chococlatl, the cacao tree it comes from is Theobroma cacao, and theobroma is 'food of the gods'.What Aztec "food of the gods" is full of phenyl ethylamine, which the brain seems to pump out when you're in love?

       a. Tequila
       b. Coffee
       c. Chocolate
       d. Mushrooms

Vodka - It's called Maria because the name, like tequila, is Spanish.What Bloody Mary ingredient do you replace with tequila to make a Bloody Maria?

       a. Vodka
       b. Gin
       c. Rum
       d. Tia Maria

Marzipan - In England, they like to roll it into sheets and use it to ice cakes.Made from pasted almonds, what treat gets its name from the Italian word for the little boxes of coins used in church?

       a. Marzipan
       b. Truffles
       c. Fudge
       d. Praline

Strawberry - It comes from a fruit.Which of these popular ice cream flavors does not normally come from a bean?

       a. Strawberry
       b. Chocolate
       c. Vanilla
       d. Coffee

Sourdough - Sourdough is most associated with San Francisco.If you baked Poppin' Fresh, the Pillsbury Doughboy, decapitated him and reused the head the next day, what would you call the bread?

       a. Sourdough
       b. Semolina
       c. Brioche
       d. Pita

Cow - His parents saw the Japanese steak on a menu.Kobe Bryant was named for a meat acquired from pampered animals that have been fed beer and massaged. What animal?

       a. Cow
       b. Chicken
       c. Pig
       d. Horse

Beet - The cold soup is especially popular in Ukraine.If Seinfeld's Soup Nazi had been a Soup Communist, he'd probably serve a lot of borscht. What red root vegetable is the main ingredient in borscht?

       a. Beet
       b. Pepper
       c. Leek
       d. Tomato

Tomato - The Court's reasoning was that tomatoes are served with main courses rather than desserts.In Nix v Hedden, the US Supreme Court decided in 1893 that what fruit is in fact a vegetable for tariff purposes?

       a. Tomato
       b. Sweet pepper
       c. Potato
       d. Pumpkin

Poached - It'd still be cannibalism, though.If, as punishment, Benedict Arnold were served a la eggs benedict, he'd be covered in hollandaise sauce and cooked. How?

       a. Scrambled
       b. Over easy
       c. Poached
       d. Hard boiled

French fries - So, French fries are not that healthy after all.Polyphenols prevent the oxidation of "bad" LDL cholesterol. Which of these foods does not contain these cholesterol-killing chemicals?

       a. Green tea
       b. French fries
       c. Dark chocolate
       d. Red wine

Basil - The Hindus revered it. In Greece, only the king could cut this herb. Some people share a name with this herb, including a TV hotelier. What is it?

       a. Laurel
       b. Rosemary
       c. Basil
       d. Bay

Corn and lima beans - That southern dish gets its name from the Narragansett Indian word msickquatash, 'boiled whole kernels of corn'.Sufferin' succotash! What usually goes into succotash?

       a. Carrots and kidney beans
       b. Peas and pinto beans
       c. Corn and lima beans
       d. Chickpeas and garbanzo beans

Freedom fries - However, the French part refers not to the Iraq-reluctant country but to the process of frenching, which means cutting something into lengthwise pieces.In 2003, what did the US Congress rename the French fries served in its restaurant?

       a. Freedom fries
       b. Belgium fries
       c. Potato sticks
       d. Hydrogenated starchy tuber tubes

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