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1066 - He defeated King Harold II at the Battle of Hastings.In what year did "William the Conqueror" invade England?

a. 1060
b. 1066
c. 1055
d. 1002

Prince Philip of Greece - Prince Philip is the oldest spouse ever of a reigning British monarch.Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, had which title at birth?

a. Prinz von Battenburg
b. Prince Philip of Greece
c. Prinz von Hohenstauffen
d. Prinz von Metternich

Provisions of Oxford - The Provisions of Oxford had a significant effect upon the development of the English Common Law system.The British House of Commons was established by which 1258 document?

a. Act of Settlement
b. Magna Carta
c. Bill of Rights
d. Provisions of Oxford

Edward Heath - Heath was Prime Minister from 19 June 1970 to 4 March 1974.Who became British Prime Minister in 1970?

a. Harold Wilson
b. Harold MacMillan
c. Margaret Thatcher
d. Edward Heath

Norway - Norway has a population of about 5 million people.Which of these countries is not a member of the European Union?

a. Ireland
b. Greece
c. Finland
d. Norway

Karol Wojtyla - Pope John Paul II canonised 483 saints.Pope John Paul II, born in Poland, was known by which original name?

a. Karol Wojtyla
b. Zygmund Fraytag
c. Julius Poniatowski
d. Jerzy Kostakowski

Nine days - During her short reign, Jane resided in the Tower of London as a virtual prisoner. She was 16 or 17 years of age when executed.When Lady Jane Grey, who claimed the throne of England, was executed for treason on February 12 1554, how long had she ruled?

a. One day
b. Nine days
c. One year and one day
d. One month and two days

St. Helena - He was 51 years of age.In exile, where did Napoleon Bonaparte die on May 5, 1821?

a. Paris
b. Sardinia
c. St. Helena
d. Corsica

Anne Boleyn - The second wife of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn was executed for high treason on 19 May 1536.Who was Queen Elizabeth I's mother?

a. Jane Seymour
b. Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg
c. Anne Boleyn
d. Katherine of Aragon

For his trial before the Inquisition - The middle finger from Galileo's right hand is currently on exhibition at the Museo Galileo in Florence, Italy.Why did Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei travel to Rome on February 13, 1633?

a. To demonstrate a telescope
b. For his trial before the Inquisition
c. To be knighted
d. To meet with the Pope

October 7, 1949 - The state ended on 3 October 1990 with German reunification.When was the Communist Republic of East Germany formed?

a. October 7, 1947
b. October 7, 1949
c. October 7, 1948
d. October 7, 1946

Bannockburn - The English army was led by Edward II who was trying to relieve the siege of Stirling Castle.Scottish hero "Robert the Bruce" defeated the English at which battle?

a. Hastings
b. Angincourt
c. Stirling Bridge
d. Bannockburn

Cesare Borgia - Machiavelli was at Borgia's court from 7 October 1502 through 18 January 1503.Which son of Pope Alexander VI was the model for Macchiavelli's book "Prince"?

a. Lodovico Sforza
b. Cesare Borgia
c. Bartolomeo Colleoni
d. Cesare Lombrogio

Germany - From 1941 to 1945 almost 20,000 Russian prisoners of war and a further 50,000 inmates died there.During World War II, British and Canadian troops liberated the Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen. Where was it located?

a. Belgium
b. The Netherlands
c. Poland
d. Germany

He was sent to the guillotine - He was 51 years of age at the time of his execution.What happened to Maximilien de Robespierre, a leading figure of the French Revolution, on July 28, 1794?

a. He was sent to the guillotine
b. He was made Senator
c. He was deported to Corsica
d. He was shot to death by his own guards

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