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1,200 - These animals include the Stellar Sea Lion, The Mexican Long Nosed Bat and the North American Cougar.In the United States, how many animals were on the threatened or endangered list as of 2009?

       a. 200
       b. 750
       c. 1,200
       d. 900

Less rain - The dictionary defines a drought as being a prolonged period of dry weather. These conditions will damage crops and can upset the region's ecosystem.Drought is a term that you often hear when people are talking about the environment. What is a drought?

       a. High winds
       b. More rain
       c. Less rain
       d. Higher temperatures

1 Percent - Almost all the planet's water is either salt water or is frozen.What percentage of the world's water is drinkable?

       a. 20 Percent
       b. 60 Percent
       c. 1 Percent
       d. 100 Percent

Acid Rain - Acid rain is rain that has a low pH level. Since the mid seventies, factories all over the world are attempting to reduce their release of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere. There is a specific name for rain, which contains chemicals that are harmful to the environment. What is this type of rain called?

       a. Acid Rain
       b. Rain Pollution
       c. Chemical Rain
       d. Precipitation

Biodegradable - A substance that has to be recycled or requires special processing is non-biodegradable. If an item can decompose naturally, it is said to be this.

       a. Organic
       b. Biodegradable
       c. Renewable
       d. Environmentally toxic

China - United States uses 5 percent more energy than china in a year.Currently, the United States as a nation uses the most energy per annum. Which country comes in second?

       a. China
       b. Great Britain
       c. Japan
       d. Germany

1,250 gallons - The equivalent of 4,730 litres.The amount of energy that is saved for every 1000 pounds of aluminum cans recycled is equivalent to how many gallons of gasoline?

       a. 500 gallons
       b. 1,250 gallons
       c. 250 gallons
       d. 100 gallons

All of these - Carbon dioxide is the most destructive according to many sources. Which of the following gases contributes to the effects of global warming?

       a. All of these
       b. Carbon dioxide
       c. Nitrous oxide
       d. Methane

Water and soil - Hungary was the country to ban the use of this chemical. They did so in 1968.DDT was once a common insecticide. However, it has been determined that it is incredibly harmful to the planet. Exactly, what does DDT affect?

       a. Water and air
       b. Soil and air
       c. Water and soil
       d. Air and crops

Reforestation - Soil erosion can lead to drought and barren unproductive land.Soil erosion can have devastating effects on the planet. Erosion can be reversed by doing what?

       a. Reforestation
       b. Increasing the number of animals in the region
       c. Re-introducing certain animal species
       d. Fertilizing the soil

Great Britain - London was the first city in the world to have their trash systematically removed. They began this practice in the 15th century. Littering and garbage removal is a major environmental concern. Which country was the first to implement a garbage removal system?

       a. United States
       b. Great Britain
       c. Germany
       d. Japan

Idles it - Simply turning off your car when is not moving can have a huge impact on reducing the amount of carbon dioxide. In Canada, where temperatures are often cold, the average person does what with their car for five to ten minutes every day?

       a. Washes it
       b. Drives it
       c. Idles it
       d. Parks it

Canada - Canada has access to five of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, including Superior, Huron and the Great Slave Lake. Fresh water is essential to life on the planet. Which country hosts the largest amount of fresh water?

       a. Russia
       b. Canada
       c. Brazil
       d. Kenya

Bees - It has been estimated that if the bees were to disappear, more than 100, 000 kinds of pants would soon follow. Bees help to pollinate plants.What kind of animal is essential to more than 100,000 different species of plants?

       a. Spiders
       b. Birds
       c. Bees
       d. Frogs

Lichen - Lichen is extremely sensitive to air pollution. Lichen are able to survive in some of the most extreme environments on the planet.Air pollution is on the rise. Scientists are able to monitor this increase using which kind of plant?

       a. Lichen
       b. Mushrooms
       c. Giant Red woods
       d. Palm Trees

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