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Environmental Trivia Questions II

Science Trivia Questions and Answers - Printable Science Trivia

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Sewage - Every year millions of tonnes of waste are dumped into the ocean. Rivers and streams are contaminated by both residential and commercial establishments dumping sewage into them. What is the main contribution to water pollution?

       a. Chemicals in the soil
       b. Sewage
       c. Air Pollution that is re-introduced by rainfall
       d. Pesticides

1961 - The WWF started in 1961 in Morges, Switzerland. The first President was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. The World Wildlife Federation is considered to be the leading conservation organization on the planet. When was this company founded?

       a. 1961
       b. 1943
       c. 1985
       d. 1956

Canada - The group was founded in 1970 in B.C. Their first mission was to stop a nuclear bomb test in Alaska. Greenpeace is an environmentally concerned group. Where was Greenpeace formed?

       a. Canada
       b. Japan
       c. France
       d. Australia

70 Percent - Although recycling efforts have greatly increased, there is a lot more that needs to be done. If you went to the local landfill and started recycling the items, which were on site, how much would you be able to recycle?

       a. 35 Percent
       b. 50 Percent
       c. 70 Percent
       d. 15 Percent

China - In recent years, industry in China has grown in leaps and bounds. This increase has also lead to the country's drastic rise in green gases.Which country contributes the most greenhouse gas?

       a. United States
       b. China
       c. Germany
       d. Australia

Oil - Approximately, 40% of the nation's energy comes from oil.In the United States, what is the leading source of energy?

       a. Oil
       b. Hydroelectricity
       c. Natural Gas
       d. Solar Energy

Refrigerator - In an average home, the fridge accounts for about 11 percent of the power. To conserve energy, set the refrigerator to the proper temperature. Household appliances use a lot of energy. Which of the following common household items uses the most energy?

       a. Refrigerator
       b. Toaster
       c. Blow Drier
       d. Dishwasher

Antarctica - There is almost no precipitation in the Antarctic. It is a vast polar desert.Which continent gets the least amount of rainfall?

       a. Antarctica
       b. Asia
       c. Africa
       d. North America

100 gallons - One gallon of water converts to 3.78 litres of water. You can help the planet by learning how to decrease your daily use of fresh water. In a single day, how much water does the average American use?

       a. 150 gallons
       b. 25 gallons
       c. 100 gallons
       d. 200 gallons

40,000 - Image if all of these cans sat in landfills. This many cans lined in a row would stretch more than five kilometres. How many cans of pop will an average American drink during their life?

       a. 40,000
       b. 5,000
       c. 10,000
       d. 30,000

Bike - You can save energy by using your bike or choosing to ride public transportation rather than driving your car.Which of these travel methods is the friendliest to the planet?

       a. Bike
       b. Train
       c. Bus
       d. Airplane

50 Percent - Imagine how much landfill space could be saved if every family followed this advice and composted everything possible. One idea that is often suggested to reduce the landfill issue is to build your own compost. This plan can reduce the average home's annual trash by how much?

       a. 75 Percent
       b. 50 Percent
       c. 15 Percent
       d. 30 Percent

400 years - Styrofoam is a brand name. The material is actually known as polystyrene. There are some companies that are willing to accept used polystyrene products. How long will a Styrofoam cup sit in the local landfill?

       a. 100 years
       b. 200 years
       c. 400 years
       d. 10 years

Bald eagle - The Bald Eagle was removed from this list in 2007. There were thought to be 11,000 pairs when this decision was made.Which of these creatures was removed from the United States' endangered animal list?

       a. Bald eagle
       b. Elk
       c. Red Wolf
       d. Brown Bear

Seychelles giant tortoise - The other animals listed are on the threatened list. Most of them are considered to be CR (critically endangered).According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, list which species is considered to be an EW (Extinct in the wild)?

       a. Seychelles giant tortoise
       b. Maui's dolphin
       c. Polar Bear
       d. Grenada Dove

67 pounds - Using lunch boxes and re-usable storage containers can greatly reduce this number.Everyday millions of children take a lunch to school. How much waste is produced by the average school lunch in a single year?

       a. 67 pounds
       b. 25 pounds
       c. 37 pounds
       d. 48 pounds

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