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Easy Trivia Questions XXVII

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Simon and Garfunkel - An American comedy-drama film, The Graduate was released in 1967.What rock and roll duo sung the soundtrack to "The Graduate"?

a. Lennon and McCartney
b. Simon and Garfunkel
c. The Everly Brothers
d. Hall and Oates

The Green Goblin - The Green Goblin first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #14 in July 1964.Which of the following villains might you see Spiderman fight?

a. The Riddler
b. The Joker
c. The Penguin
d. The Green Goblin

American Graffiti - American Graffiti tells the story of a group of teenagers and their adventures within one night.The TV sitcom "Happy Days" is a spin-off from which other TV show or movie?

a. The Odd Couple
b. American Graffiti
c. Mork and Mindy
d. Laverne and Shirley

Canines - Your sharper biting teeth are the four canines (aka cuspids or, in the case of the upper canines, eyeteeth).What are a carnivore's pointed front teeth called?

a. Bicuspids
b. Incisors
c. Molars
d. Canines

FDA - FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration.In which of these federal agencies does the "F" not stand for "federal"?

a. FDA
b. FAA

Rooster - Founded in 1945, Bantam Books is owned by Random House.What farm animal is used as the logo for Bantam Books?

a. Kangaroo
b. Horse
c. Cow
d. Rooster

France - Over the years, the metric system has been extended to incorporate many additional units. Now used internationally by scientists, the metric system was created in what country, which made it the law in the 1790s?

a. Germany
b. Netherlands
c. France
d. Switzerland

Farthing - The farthing was worth one quarter of a penny.Which of these British coins is worth the least?

a. Farthing
b. Pound
c. Pence
d. Shilling

Flamingo - The Spanish thought that the pink birds were a lot like Belgium's Dutch people, who were equally flushed.Named for a European people, which of these birds can in fact fly?

a. Emu
b. Kiwi
c. Penguin
d. Flamingo

John Wayne - The movie was remade in 1986.Who starred in the 1939 movie "Stagecoach"?

a. Gary Cooper
b. Lee Majors
c. John Wayne
d. Phil Silvers

The Walking Dead - The Walking Dead made its debut on October 31, 2010.Based on a comic book series, what TV horror drama depicts a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombie-like humans.

a. American Horror Story
b. Dark Shadows
c. True Blood
d. The Walking Dead

Elvis Presley - Good Luck Charm reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list in 1962.Which "King of Rock 'n' Roll" icon recorded the songs "Good Luck Charm" and "Burnin' Love"?

a. Chuck Berry
b. Jerry Lee Lewis
c. Elvis Presley
d. Little Richard

Pacific Ocean - The Pacific is approximately 63.8 million square miles in area.Covering almost a third of the Earth's surface, what ocean is the largest in the world?

a. Pacific Ocean
b. Indian Ocean
c. Arctic Ocean
d. Atlantic Ocean

Stephen Hawking - Hawking's is almost entirely paralysed and communicates through a speech generating device.Famous for his work on black holes, who wrote the book "A Brief History of Time"?

a. Ernest Rutherford
b. Michael Faraday
c. Stephen Hawking
d. Johannes Kepler

Leonardo da Vinci - Leonardo da Vinci painted the Last Supper between 1495 and 1498.One of the best-known paintings of all time, who created "The Last Supper"?

a. Leonardo da Vinci
b. Michelangelo
c. Pablo Picasso
d. Van Gogh

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