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Easy Trivia Questions XIII

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Jolly Green Giant - The Green Giant first appeared in ads in 1928. Legendary copywriter Leo Burnett added the jolliness in the 1930s. What mirthful verdant colossus was created in 1926 by the Minnesota Valley Canning Company?

Garlic - Vampires, you see, don't like garlic.A vampire in Gilroy, California, is going to be really unhappy. For what product is the place famous?

Madonna - She has 20 and counting. Peter Gabriel is second with 13.As of 2008, who has won the most MTV Video Music Awards?

Boom - Snap, Crackle and Pop were named for the sounds the cereal makes.Which of these characters does not represent Rice Krispies?

       a. Crackle
       b. Snap
       c. Boom
       d. Pop

Achilles - Achilles slew the Trojan hero Hector, after chasing him around the walls of Troy.Who was killed by Paris, who literally found his weak spot at the heel?

Hope Diamond - Louis XIV had the Tavernier Blue cut into the French Blue, and it remained among the French crown jewels until it was stolen during the revolution, after which it was broken in two.At 45 carats, it's the largest blue diamond in the world, and as the story goes, it has been cursed ever since it was plucked from an idol in India. What is it?

Dung beetle - The Egyptians saw something poetic in the way dung beetles burrow through excrement to create balls, much as Ra rolls the sun every day.The ancient Egyptian symbol for rebirth was the scarab. What kind of insect is a scarab?


10 Downing Street - He moved because of his large family, but other PMs have lived elsewhere. Harold Wilson remained in his home on Lord North Street, for example.Although Tony Blair actually moved next door, what is the official address of Britain's prime minister?

Ireland - Absentee landlords in England still owned most of the Irish farmland. Even at the famine's height, exports continued to England and more than a million people starved or died of disease. When tenants couldn't meet the rent, they were evicted, and nearly half the country emigrated. The fungus Phytophthora infestans is credited with causing which country's 1840s potato famine?

Sweet - A sweet potato is no potato, but it isn't a yam, either. Sweet potatoes are an American plant of the morning glory family, whereas yams are in the genus Dioscorea.What word makes a potato no longer a potato, bread no longer bread, and meat no longer meat?

Red - The iron oxide was added to the mix because red conceals dirt. Farmers used to be make paint with skim milk, lime, linseed oil and iron oxide. As a result, most North American barns were what color?

Uganda - Standing at 6'4For nine years, future military strongman Idi Amin was what country's heavyweight boxing champion?

Atlanta - In 1927, the admissions office accidentally sent Ed Smith two registration forms, so he used one to enroll Burdell in all classes, redoing his homework until both he and Burdell graduated with a ceramic engineering degree.The entirely fictional George P Burdell enrolled at Georgia Tech in 1927. He's still enrolled there today. In what city would you attend class with George?

Coca-Cola - A picture seen in the February 8 1979 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution appears to give the recipe.Locked in a Georgia bank vault, which secret recipe for 7X probably includes lemon, orange, lime, cassia and nutmeg?

Snoop Doggy Dogg - He also called Eminem the Enema Man.In an interview in 2000, whom did former US senator Allan Simpson twice call Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dog?

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