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Delta - The word for the letter M is Mike.What is the NATO spelling alphabet word for the letter "D"?

Spanish-American War - The war lasted from April 25 - August 12, 1898.What war was fought for Cuban independence in 1898?

Ichthyology - People who study ichthyology are called ichthyologists.What do you call the study of fish?

Connecticut - The capital of Connecticut is Hartford.Name the state where you would find Yale University, the USS Nautilus and Mark Twain's House.

Red - They may be brownish, purplish or pinkish.What color are rubies?

Central Processing Unit - On most personal computers, the CPU is located in a single silicon chip called a microprocessor.Often referred to as the brain of a computer, what does the acronym CPU stand for?

Jack - Traditionally, the rhyme has been seen as a nonsense verse. The actual origins of the rhyme are unknown.I fell down and broke my crown. What nursery rhyme character am I?

Egyptians - Cats were known in Ancient Egypt as mau,What ancient civilization worshipped cats and beetles?

Edgar Allan Poe - The story is about the double murder of a mother and her daughter in the Rue Morgue.Published in Graham's Magazine in 1841, "The Murder in the Rue Morgue" is considered to be the first detective story. Who wrote it?

Ligaments - The study of ligaments is known as desmology.Similar to tendons in composition, what holds bones together at the joints?

Benito Mussolini - Mussolini was executed on the 28th of April, 1945.Who lead the country of Italy during World War II?

Mackenzie River - The Mackenzie River is 2,635 miles long.Name the longest river in Canada.

Horde - A group of emu are called a mob.What would you call a group of Gerbils?

Tightrope Walking - A tightrope walker often uses a pole for balance.A funambulist practices what art?

Snakes and Ladders - Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian game.What game would you be playing if you climbed up a ladder?

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