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Difficult Animal Quiz

Animal Trivia Questions and Answers - Printable Animal Trivia

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The Scarlet Kingsnake - The scarlet kingsnake is a red snake with black and yellow rings. It looks almost exactly like the coral snake, which is very poisonous.Which of the following is NOT poisonous - The Scarlet Kingsnake, The Marbled Cone Snail or The Death Stalker Scorpion?

Gorilla - Pandas and Hamsters have tails. Gorillas, on the other hand, do not! Just like us, they have a tailbone (a coccyx) but they do not actually have a tail.Which of these animals does not have a tail - Panda, Gorilla or Hamster?

Over 1 month - Sometimes they can go even longer! They are able to store the nutrients for a long time so they do not have to eat as frequently!How long can a great white shark go without eating?

2 months - The correct answer is about 63 days or around 2 months! Most wolves only breed once per year.How long is the average gestation period for a wolf?

A Murder - Ravens are one of the smartest birds out there!What is a group of ravens called?

Clear - The fur appears white because the clear follicles scatter light.What color is a polar bear's fur?

2 feet - It weighs about 20 pounds.How big is a giraffe's heart?

Marsupial - They have a pouch and their babies are called joeys.Koalas are a form of...?

Dolphins - They allow only one side to sleep so that they can still breathe and swim.Which of these animals allows only one side of the brain to sleep at a time - Dogs, Bears or Dolphins?

6 - There have only been six species of flamingos discovered. They can be found in Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East.How many species of flamingos have been discovered?

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