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Deep Space Nine Trivia Quiz

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24th - The series Deep Space Nine is centered around a space station as opposed to a space ship.In which century does the TV series Deep Space Nine occur?

Bajor - Bajor has recently gained its freedom.Which planet is closest to Deep Space Nine?

Captain Sisko - Captain Sisko was the man who discovered the first stable wormhole. Who is the officer in charge of Deep Space Nine?

The wormhole - The wormhole is stable and the other end leads into the gamma quadrant of space.What is Deep Space Nine guarding?

Ferengi - Quark operates a bar on the Space Station.On Deep Space Nine there is a character named Quark. What race is Quark?

Miles O'Brian - Miles is the chief of Operations on the space station. Which character from Deep Space Nine was also on the series Star Trek - Next Generation?

Nog - Nog grows up on the space station Deep Space Nine. He gets recommended by the Captain.Who is the first Ferengi to attend Star Fleet Academy?

Odo - Odo is a shape changer. He was head of security when the Cardassians had the station.Who is in charge of security on Deep Space Nine?

Cardassians - The Space station was originally called Terok Nor.Who built the space station Deep Space Nine?

Alexander Siddig - Avery Brooks plays the part of Captain Sisko.Who plays the part of Doctor Julian Bashir on the TV series Deep Space Nine?

Klingon - He marries a Klingon woman named Grilka, who he later divorces.On the series Quark gets married, but his wife is not a Ferengi. What is she?

Kira Nerys - Kira is the first officer on Deep Space Nine, although her other role is to represent the Bajoran position regarding the station. Who is the highest ranking Bajorn on the Space Station Deep Space Nine?

Kai - Kai is the title of the religious leader on the planet of Bajor. Winn plays an evil conniving Bajorn woman on the show Deep Space Nine. What position is she trying to obtain?

The Cardassians - The Cardassians were eventually overthrown by the Bajorans. Kira was a freedom fighter.Which race took control of Bajor for many years during the "occupation"?

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