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Classic Rock Albums Trivia Quiz II

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Pink Floyd - Released on March 24, 1973.Dark Side Of The Moon

a. Meat Loaf
b. Bob Dylan
c. Pink Floyd
d. Led Zeppelin

AC/DC - Released on July 21, 1980.Back In Black

a. Black Sabbath
b. Steve Miller Band
c. AC/DC
d. Boston

Led Zeppelin - Released on February 24, 1975.Physical Graffiti

a. The Guess Who
b. Led Zeppelin
c. The Who
d. April Wine

U2 - Released on March 9, 1987.The Joshua Tree

a. U2
b. Van Halen
c. Queen
d. Journey

Eagles - Released on December 8, 1976.Hotel California

a. Creedence Clearwater Revival
b. Lynyrd Skynyrd
c. Foreigner
d. Eagles

Supertramp - Released in September 1974.Crime Of The Century

a. Supertramp
b. Def Leppard
c. Styx
d. Aerosmith

The Who - Released on August 25, 1971 (US)Who’s Next

a. Kiss
b. The Who
c. The Guess Who
d. Alice Cooper

The Rolling Stones - Released on April 23, 1971. Sticky Fingers

a. The Rolling Stones
b. Black Sabbath
c. Pink Floyd
d. Kiss

The Beatles - Released in August 5, 1966.Revolver

a. The Animals
b. Ozzy Osbourne
c. The Kinks
d. The Beatles

Jimi Hendrix - Released on May 12, 1967.Are You Experienced?

a. Cream
b. Eric Clapton
c. Jimi Hendrix
d. Iron Maiden

The Doors - Released in April 1971.L.A. Woman

a. Bob Dylan
b. The Yardbirds
c. The Doors
d. The Byrds

Neil Young - Released on February 19, 1972.Harvest

a. Creedence Clearwater Revival
b. Deep Purple
c. Crosby, Stills and Nash
d. Neil Young

Elton John - Released in October 5, 1973.Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

a. Joe Cocker
b. Paul McCartney
c. Elton John
d. Eric Clapton

Clash - Released on December 14, 1979.London Calling

a. Cream
b. The Beatles
c. The Guess Who
d. Clash

Van Morrison - Released in March 1970.Moondance

a. Van Morrison
b. David Bowie
c. Rolling Stones
d. Rush

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