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Christmas Trivia Quiz Questions II

Holiday Trivia Questions - Printable Trivia

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1800s - Christmas trees have been sold in the US dating back to the mid 1800s! Christmas trees are usually grown for about 15 years to reach the desired height for inside houses!When did the tradition of a Christmas tree arise in the US?

a. 1700s
b. 1900s
c. 1600s
d. 1800s

20,000 - Did you know that training is required for most shopping mall Santas? They are taught how to deal with the public, and it is also suggested that they be careful what they eat suiting up!Approximately how many Santa suits are rented out every year during the holidays?

a. 100,000
b. 400,000
c. 20,000
d. 1 million

June of 1870 - Christmas was dubbed an official holiday for the entire US in June of 1870.  Alabama was the first to recognize it; they had been celebrating Christmas since 1836.When was Christmas dubbed an official holiday in the US?

a. December of 1800
b. September of 1850
c. March of 1901
d. June of 1870

Curing Infertility - The Druids considered mistletoe sacred (because it remained green year round) and used it to cure infertility. They would not allow the sacred plant to touch the ground because they thought it would interfere with its curing abilities.Mistletoe is known as the "kissing plant," but what else was it used for?

a. Curing Infertility
b. It was used as animal feed
c. Starting fires
d. It was eaten as a snack

Turkey - Saint Nick was from Turkey. He is the most popular non-Biblical Saint! He is the patron saint of pirating, orphans and royalty.Saint Nick was a real person, but where was he really from?

a. Canada
b. Turkey
c. England
d. The North Pole

Mexico - Did you know that Poinsettias are actually not poisonous, as many people believe? Holly berries are, however, very toxic.Where does the Poinsettia originate from?

a. France
b. Greece
c. Portugal
d. Mexico

Because of the Roman Winter Solstice - Although commonly believed to be on the birth of Jesus, December 25 was actually chosen because of the Roman Winter Solstice.  Many historians believe that Jesus' birthday may have been during the summer!Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25th?

a. No one knows for certain
b. Because of the birth of Jesus
c. Christmas trees look better with snow
d. Because of the Roman Winter Solstice

Krampus - Krampus is known as Santa's evil twin. While jolly Saint Nick is responsible for rewarding the nice children, Krampus (a terrifying demon-type figure) is responsible for punishing the naughty children.Santa is known as a holly, jolly soul, but who is his "evil twin?"

a. The Grinch
b. Saint Rick
c. Augentarr
d. Krampus

Nearly 15,000 - There are nearly 15,000 Christmas tree farms just in the US. Christmas tree farms employ around 100,000 people!How many Christmas tree farms are in the US?

a. 500,000
b. Nearly 15,000
c. About 5,000
d. Over 32,000

Olive - Santa's reindeers are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, and Blitzen. Sometimes Rudolph is included as well!Which of these is not one of Santa's reindeer?

a. Olive
b. Prancer
c. Vixen
d. Dancer

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