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Bugs and Insects Trivia Quiz II

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Mayflies - Most mayflies only live about an hour! That is just enough time to mate and lay eggs!Which insect has the shortest lifespan?

50-60 mph - Not only can they fly very fast, they can also see in all directions except directly behind them. Their head is almost completely taken up by their eyes!How fast can dragonflies fly?

Citronella irritates their feet - Did you know that mosquitoes are attracted to the CO2 we exhale when we breathe?Why do citronella candles keep mosquitoes away?

Over 8500 - There are over 8500 species, actually there are close to 8800 species! The largest ant is close to 1 and 1/2 inches long!How many species of ants are there?

Antarctica - That is the ONLY place you will not find butterflies! It is too cold there!Which continent does not have moths or butterflies?

Coleoptera - Coleoptera is the largest order! They are beetles! There are over 300,000 different species of Beetles!Which is the largest order of insects?

10-30 million - 10-30 million! Only about 1 million of them are known to science!How many insects are there in the world?

1100 - If someone is allergic, one sting can be fatal!How many honey bee stings would it take to kill someone that is NOT allergic?

Rubbing their wings together - They hear through their knees!How do crickets make noise?

50 years - up to 50 years! Did you know that termites eat non stop 24 hours a day 7 days a week?How long can queen termites live?

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