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The Bayeaux Tapestry - The tapestry can be seen in Bayeaux, France.Name the famous piece of art that depicts the Norman conquest of England?

       a. The Bayeaux Tapestry
       b. The Conquest
       c. The Abbot
       d. The Domesday Book

Manchester - At the time Manchester wasn't even a civitae, meaning it was just a small settlement.This city was called Mamucium by the Romans. What is its modern name?

       a. Manchester
       b. Newcastle
       c. London
       d. York

A stone circle - Ring of Brodgar is one of the many ancient hedges in the British Isles.What is the Ring of Brodgar?

       a. A castle in Scotland
       b. A stone circle
       c. A defense line
       d. A pagan celebration

Battle of Hastings - The battle was fought near the town of Battle, East Sussex.The Battle Abbey was built on the site of which famous battle?

       a. Battle of Agincourt
       b. Battle of Britain
       c. Battle of Hastings
       d. Battle of Crecy

Conservative party - The Conservative party was founded in 1834.What is the oldest active political party in Britain?

       a. Labour party
       b. Liberal party
       c. Conservative party
       d. Sinn Fein

Albion - New Albion or Albionoria were suggested names for Canada at one point in history.Which of the following is believed to be the oldest name of the island of Great Britain?

       a. Ulster
       b. Britannia
       c. Albion
       d. Caledonia

Prince Albert - Victoria and Albert had 9 children.Who was the spouse of Queen Victoria?

       a. Prince Albert
       b. Prince Edward
       c. Nobody, she was single
       d. Prince Alfred

Scotland - The kingdom was ruled by the king Urien Rheged.Which part of the British Isles was the kingdom of Rheged in?

       a. Scotland
       b. Isle of Man
       c. Wales
       d. Ireland

William the Conqueror - His lesser known nickname was William the Bastard.What was the nickname of king William, the first Norman king of England?

       a. William the Conqueror
       b. William the Wise
       c. William the Scotsbane
       d. William the Great

Earl - Earl was later changed to Count.What is the title of a nobleman just above the viscount, but below the margrave?

       a. Baron
       b. Earl
       c. Duke
       d. Lord

Communism than it is of Fascism - This was in reaction to the attempts of appeasement by the British government towards Adolf Hitler.In 1936, British journalist John Langdon Davies said "Our Government is much more afraid of ____ than it is of ____".

       a. Communism than it is of Fascism
       b. Fascism than it is of Communism
       c. War than it is of Occupation
       d. Action than it is of the Germans

Fulton, USA - He did so in the Westminster College after receiving an honorary degree.Where did Winston Churchill present his Sinews of Peace, a.k.a. The Iron Curtain speech?

       a. London, England
       b. Sorbonne, France
       c. Fulton, USA
       d. Brussels, Belgium

1973 - The UK is possibly facing a referendum about leaving the EU in upcoming years.When did the United Kingdom join the European Union?

       a. 1995
       b. 2004
       c. 1973
       d. It didn't join the EU

3 - They were hosted in London in 1908, 1948 and 2012.How many times has the UK hosted the Summer Olympic Games (2013)?

       a. 3
       b. 2
       c. 1
       d. 4

David Cameron - Cameron is the lineal descendant of King William IV.Who is the current Prime Minister of the UK (2013)?

       a. David Cameron
       b. Angela Merkel
       c. Nick Clegg
       d. Mario Monti

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