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Risk - There are many different versions of the game, such as Lord of the Rings edition, Star Wars edition and the Transformers edition.What board game was previously known as "The Conquest of the World"?

Russia - There have been seven chess grandmasters from Russia, 3 from Ukraine, 3 from Azerbaijan and 2 from the US.Which country has the highest number of chess grandmasters?

India - The ladders symbolise virtues, the snakes - vices and sins.Where was "Snakes and Ladders" invented?

Go - Go was a mandatory game for the generals in ancient China.A 2000-year-old board game, originating from China, using black and white stones, is called...?

H.P. Lovecraft - In the first version of the game, it was almost impossible to win.The game Arkham Horror featuring monsters, detectives and gates to other dimensions, is based on which author's work?

Baratheon - Dragonstone is the capital city of Stannis Baratheon.Which house controls the Dragonstone at the beginning of the board game, "A Game of Thrones"?

Life - According to Leo, the board game is better than real Life, because in the game he has kids.In the TV-series, "That '70s Show", a hippie named Leo Chingkwake played a board game. What game?

Taxi - Scotland Yard won the Game of the Year award in 1983.Tokens for which transportation mode are the most common in the game "Scotland Yard"?

Scrabbles - The TV show proved to be a failure.The TV show "Scrabble", based on the board game, was promoted with a tagline "Every man dies - not every man truly ___"?

Quoridor - The game won the Mensa Mind Game Award in 1997.A strategy game called "Blockade", invented by Mirko Marchesi, eventually evolved into a game called...

Chinook - Chinook eventually Which is the name of a computer program that was designed to play checkers - Chinook, Deep Blue or Deep Thought?

Hyperbackgammon - The game is at least 5000 years old.Name the backgammon version in which both players start with only three checkers.

Taboo - Even if you don't like the game, you have to admit that the buzzer could prove quite useful.This game was played in the 2008 movie, "Four Christmases" with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. Name the game.

Cyvasse - Although the exact rules are not stated in the book, it sounds much like a mix of chess, risk, stratego and Dungeons and Dragons.What is the name of the fictional board game played by the characters of "Song of Ice and Fire"?

40 - The first Asian country to hold a national Stratego championship was Cambodja.How many pieces does a player control in the game of Stratego?

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