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Zymurgy - Fermentation is defined as being the conversion of sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide.What branch of chemistry deals with the study of fermentation?

Weihenstephan - Weihenstephan can trace its origins back to the year 1040. There are two other companies, which are vying for this title, the Weltenburg Abbey and The Zatec brewery.What is the name of the world's oldest active brewery?

Mexico - Corona is often served with a lime. This brand of beer is available in more than 170 different countries.Where is Corona brewed?

Bock - This type of beer is normally brewed in the fall and is ready in time for spring. It is traditionally a strong dark beer.Which type of beer is considered a spring beer - Bock, Pilsner or Lager?

Wort - Wort is a liquid. The wort contains the sugars that will ferment into alcohol.What do you call the substance which is extracted during the mashing process of brewing beer?

16 billion liters - This figure includes all companies and brands produced by Heineken.How much beer did the Heineken brewing company (worldwide) claim to have brewed in 2011?

A Rathskeller - This is a German word, which is used to denote a tavern below street level.If you wanted to get a mug of beer, which of these would you visit - A Schooner, A Tankard or A Rathskeller?

3rd - Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage. It ranks after water and tea. If water is the most popular drink in the world, where does beer come in?

Ancient Egypt - There is speculation that you can date beer back to about 9500BC. However, it is fact that it can be dated to both ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.If you traced back the history of beer, how far back would you have to go?

United States - As of 2006, the global revenue from beer sales was over 290 billion dollars.Which country imports the most beer?

Czechoslovakia - Pilsner was first brewed in 1842 in Plzen, Czechoslovakia.Where was Pilsner beer first brewed?

Germany - This law was implemented to standardize brewing. The famous Bavarian beer law originated in which country?

1516 - This law is often called the Bavarian Purity Law. When was the Bavarian beer law introduced?

Water, barley and hops - Yeast is an essential part of brewing, but it was not included on the list. When the list was made, the list makers did not realize that yeast must be added to make beer.The Bavarian Beer law stated that only three ingredients were allowed to be used in the production of beer. What were they?

Bigfoot - The Sasquatch is often found on the label. You have to search carefully to find him. What creature is used to advertize Coors Light beer?

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